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Model Ship Catalogue

Click the Picture for more information!

As you go down the page you'll find all of the different ships by nation, by period, and by class of ship.
Most of these kits are "for you to build", some are built already.
Have fun! Any question call or email.

When the name is Underlined  click to see the picture.
next5.gif (3443 bytes)   USS Enterprise
White box Historical information.

usa_flg.gif (24152 bytes)   japan_naval_ensign.gif (8300 bytes)
Revolutionary & War of 1812   Japanese Battleships- New Ship added!
Civil War WWII Japanese Aircraft Carriers
Spanish & American War WWII Jap. Cruisers & Destroyers - New Ship added!
American Battleships - New Ship added! Modern Japanese Warships
WWII American Aircraft Carriers  - New Ship added! Amphibious & Support Ships
WWII Amer. Cruisers & Destroyer- New Ship added! Japanese Subs
Modern Amer. Aircraft Carriers- New Ship added! german naval.gif (2764 bytes) germ003.gif (6453 bytes)
Mod. Amer. Cruisers & Destroyers- New Ship added! German Battleships  - New Ship added!
Amphibious & Support Ships WWII German Aircraft Carrier
US Coast Guard - New Ship added! German Cruisers & Destroyers - New Ship added!
Vietnam Era Ships German U-Boats- New Ship added!
American Subs ital003.gif (8052 bytes)
gbwhite_ensign.gif (1984 bytes)   &   WWII Italian Warships
British Battleships- New Ship added!
WWII British Aircraft Carriers Taiwan Navy
Modern British Carriers - New Ship added! su-war navy.gif (1328 bytes)
Commonwealth Cruisers &  Destroyers- New Ship added! Russian Battleships, Cruisers & Dest.
British Subs Modern Russian Carriers
france.gif (425 bytes) Russian Submarines
French Battleships chin002.gif (2163 bytes)
French Aircraft Carriers Chinese Subs
French Cruisers & Destroyers Chinese Warships
French Subs
1/700 & 1/350 Carrier Aircraft
cana028.gif (4206 bytes) Patrol Boats From All Countries
Canadian Warships Pre Dreadnaught, Pre & Post WWI
Ancient Ships  Oceanliners and Tug Boats  
Sailing Ships  
  1/700 & 1/350 Scale Sailors  New Item
1/700 Diorama Sets Ship Posters
1/350 Wood Deck Detail Kits NEW 1/350 Brass Ship Propellers  NEW

Can't find your Navy Ship
"Ask Captain Shy"

Tell us your ship and when someone
served on it! We have over 1,000 ships
that you can build. Can't list them all.

We probably have it in mothballs
here at the Naval Base!

Questions & Email

Contact us if you would like to display your built ship models on our site.

What my customers ask about model ship building.

    I wonder if I can persuade my doctor (and disability insurance carrier) that I really can't go back to work for several months yet!
  In fact, I wonder if there is any medical research supporting model building as therapeutic and rehabilitative. Just think, we could
  get the medical insurance carrier to pick up 80% of the cost and then have the disability carrier pay while we build them!

  Customer J. Vacca

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