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WWII Imperial Japanese Submarines

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WWII Surface


Patrol Boats

Amphibious & Supply


Mod. Ships

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Item # Navy Ships Name Description Scale Price Company  
S530 IJN I-1 & I-16 WWII Japanese Submarines 1/700wl 14.95 AOS <<Click To Buy
S531 IJN I-16 & I-58 WWII Japanese Submarines 1/700wl 15.95 TAM << Click to Buy
S532 IJN I-58 WWII Japanese Submarines 1/700wl 12.50 TAM <<Click to Buy
S533 IJN I-15 & I-146 WWII Japanese Submarines 1/700wl 9.00 FUJ <<Click to Buy
S534 IJN I-19 Large Submarine with Floatplane 1/350wl/fh Gone AOS <<Click to Buy
S536 IJN I-361 & I-171 Large Submarine 1/700wl 14.00 HAS <<Click to Buy
S537 IJN I-370 & I-168 Large Submarine 1/700wl 14.00 HAS <<Click to Buy
S539 IJN I-400 Large Submarine 1/700wl 21.95 AOS << Click to Buy
S540 IJN I-400 Large Submarine Built Model 1/700fh 18.95 MRC <<Click to Buy
S541 IJN I-400 Large Submarine 1/350fh 80.00 TAM << Click to Buy
S542 IJN I-401 Large Submarine 1/700wl 21.95 AOS <<Click to Buy
S543 JMSDF Oyashio Modern Submarine Built Model 1/700wl 13.95 MRC <<Click to Buy
S544 JMSDF Harushio Modern Submarine Built Model 1/700fh 13.95 MRC <<Click To Buy
S545 IJN I-53 C-3 Class w/ Kaiten Kamikaze Torpedoes 1/72fh 120.00 LIN << Click to Buy
S546 IJN I-27  A-Target Sub & Seaplane 1/350fh 41.25 AFV << Click to Buy