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Free WWII Color videos for modelers.
If you look carefully at these videos you will see how to paint
and get great modeling ideas for your naval ship models. Plus
there is a lot of good WWII history of Naval operations.

Type of Video Internet Links minutes
Battleship Videos    
Iowa Class Modern 1.5
KMBismarck 4.2
IJN Yamato 5.1
Imperial Japanes Navy B/W 9.3
USS Missouri Japanese Surrender 1.5
German U-Boats 2.2
Carrier & Naval Aircraft Videos    
Doolittle Raid 2.2
Aircraft Carrier Battles 8.5
Saipan & Marianna 9.1
Marianna Turkey Shoot 3.5
Midway 8.5
Midway Complete 18
D-Day 9.5
D-Day Historical 10
Kamikaze - Divine Wind 3.2
CV-37 Princeton 8.2
Guadalcanal 2.2
Tarawa 8.4
Taranto, Messina & Salerno 5.2
Sub Warfare Pacific & Kamikaze 6.5
Iwo Jima 10.0
Okinawa 10.0

Modern US Navy Videos

Life on  a Nimitz Class 7.7
Carrier Launch Nimitz 1.3
F-14 Tomcat Launch 1.5
Business of a carrier deck. 2.2
Harpoon Launch .53
USS Missouri Iraq War 2.3
USS Lake Champlain 4.5
Fun Stuff Only! US Navy Musical Interludes for Fun!  
Black Eagles- Move Along 4.3
Black Eagles- Pump It 4.5
Sun Kings - Hey Ya 5.3
US Navy & Marine Corps 4.6
US Navy  - Wassup 4.2
Women of the USS Ronald Reagan 4.2