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Super Naval Ship Paint Deal
All needed colors for Modern Era Naval Ships

Great Naval
Paint Package
2 Spray cans
Light Sea Grey & Hull Red
5 Bottles
Light Sea Grey, Hull Red,
Navy Buff or Navy White,
Flat Gull Grey, Flat Black
Paint Brushes &
Paint Thinner



Testors  Naval Color Paints

regular brushes with easy water wash up.

These colors only in 1/2 oz. BOTTLES 4.00
Spray Cans 5.50


Light Sea Grey Flat Gull Grey
Dark Red (for the hull) Gunship Grey (deck color)
Insignia White Haze Gray Testors Bottles Tamiya
Clear Flat spray Clear Gloss Spray


Lifecolor - WWII Camouflage Paints
US Navy & German Kriegsmarine
Theses paint colors can only be ordered in a boxed set NOT as individual bottles.

6 bottles of WWII Paint- 22ml each.- $34.95

1)  - US Navy Gray 5, Light Gray 5L, Ocean Gray 5O,
Dark Grey 5D, Sea Blue 5S, Deck Blue 20B. - LFC-CS24
1) - German Navy - Hellgrau Silbergrau DKM50, Dunkelgrau DKM51, Hellgrau DKM50 Var., Mittelgrau DKM51 Var., Dunkelgrau, Schiffsbodenfarbe Rot 5 - LFC-CS9
2) - US Haze Gray 5H, Navy Blue 5N, Pale Gray 5P, Mahogany Stain,
Flight Deck Blue 21, Neutral Haze Gray - LFC-CS25
2) - U-Boat - Schiffsbodenfarbe III Grau, Schlickgrau 58, Blaugrau 58-1, Dunkelgrau 52, Dunkelgrau 53, Teerfirnis Tf 99 Faded - LFC-CS12