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Personalized Naval Ship Prints - Battleships
Personalized Naval Ship Prints - Battleships
Personalized Naval Ship Prints USS Oklahoma BB37

Note: Frame is not included but can be added on for an additional fee.

Personalized Naval Ship Prints

This battleship print makes a great gift to someone special that served in the Navy. The 8x18 inch color ship profile drawing by Geo. Bieda arrives rolled in a tube. For an extra fee you can purchase it framed. Besides listing the name of the ship, we will also add name, rank and years of service AT NO EXTRA COST.

Battleships available are listed below.
Write Ships Name & Number, Rank, Service Years
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SpecificationsDimensions: 8 x 18 inches

Ships Available:
  • Modernized Iowa Class (1983): USS Iowa (BB-61), New Jersey (BB-62), USS Wisconsin (BB-64).
  • Iowa Class (1968): New Jersey (BB-62)
  • Iowa Class (1945): USS Iowa (BB-61), New Jersey (BB-62), USS Wisconsin (BB-64), USS Missouri (BB-63).
  • South Dakota Class (1945): USS South Dakota (BB-57), USS Indiana (BB-58), USS Massachusetts (BB-59), USS Alabama (BB-60).
  • North Carolina Class: USS Carolina (BB-55), USS Washington (BB-56).
  • Colorado Class: USS Colorado (BB-45), USS Maryland (BB-46), USS West Virginia (BB-48).
  • Tennessee Class: USS Tennessee (BB-34), USS California (BB-44).
  • New Mexico Class: USS New Mexico (BB-40), USS Mississippi (BB-41), USS Idaho (BB-42).
  • Pennsylvania Class: USS Pennsylvania (BB-38), USS Arizona (BB-39).
  • Nevada Class: USS Nevada (BB-36), USS Oklahoma (BB-37).
  • New York Class: USS New York (BB-34), USS Texas (BB-35)
  • Wyoming Class: USS Wyoming (ex BB-32; AG-17), USS Arkansas (BB-33)
  • Florida Class: USS Florida (BB-30), USS Utah (BB-31)
  • Oregon Class: USS Massachusetts (BB-2), USS Oregon (BB-3)


Shipping Details
Art Prints usually average a solid THREE weeks.