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Military Command Rockers

We can make what you need for Ships & Commands
We make all kinds, in all colors, in all sizes and shapes!
 Standard UIM's - Rockers 5" x 1/2" with 1/4" lettering.

For Active Commands for UIM's
use NSN: 8455-00-142-9900

This pricing is for a minimum of at least 100 rockers for commands & units
smaller amounts look down the page.

   Free Shipping for Military Ships & Commands!  

US Military Rockers UIM's
Standard Military Rockers 5" x 1/2"
40 day standard production.  $.80
This is bulk pricing single rockers look below!
Yes we accept GSA Cards. Yes we have a CAGE #

Something new Rockers - UIM'S in 21 days
RUSH JOB = $1.25 Each

After you put in the pricing add you Rocker amount and redo total!


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American Made
Chinese Made

Standard 40 Days Rush Jobs 21 Days
100 to 1,000 = .80 each - STANDARD
1,001 to 2,500 = .75 each - STANDARD
2,501 to 5,000 = .60 each - STANDARD
100 to 1,000 = 1.25 each  RUSH JOB  Over 1,000 Call for Pricing


 Yes we now do onesy's, for shadow box displays and your uniform the price is 8.00 each.

Yes we do make individual
rockers for shadow boxes, uniforms,
retirements and what ever you need.
$9.00 each. standard size 5" x 1/2" 

Type In Rocker Name for Proper Ordering

  You must realize it could takes at least 4 weeks to get these individual Rockers there are NO RUSH JOBS!
  We don't make them we wait in line just like everybody else.
We just know which line to stand in. 
  This is not a fast turn around kind of order we get frustrated too
but we get them for you.
If you are in a RUSH - DO NOT ORDER THEM - I have no control over production.         


These Rockers below are in house they will ship right away  -  USS XYZ x 2  = we have 2 rockers of USS XYZ - $9.00@

USS New Orleans LPH-11 x 2 NCTAMS PAC x  3 STRKFITRON 136 x 2
NHC Annapolis  x 20 USS Carney x 1 USS Spartanburg County x 1
OHSU Great Lakes x 1 Bureau of Naval Personnel x 1 COMFLEACT CHINAE  x 2
NOSC Great Lakes x 1 NTTC Meridian x 1 USS Donald Cook  x 2
NDR Raleigh x 1 NTTS Meridian x 2 USS Leyte Gulf x 10
USS Albert David x 1 9TH Contruction REG Madison x 1 USS Ainsworth x 1
Naval Beach Unit Seven x 1 USS John F. Kennedy x 1 USS Doyle x 1
USS Faragut x 1 USS Bronstein x 1 USS Cape Cod x 1
NETC Navsubscol Groton x 1 Navsubscol x 1 US Forces Korea x 2
Comfleact Yokosuka x 9 NIOC Hawaii x 1 Navmarspeccen x 2
Helseacombatron Two x 20 Honor Guard x 25