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What's a Waterline Model?

Sample models below.

The picture below is a waterline model ship you see only above the waterline.

700alabama.jpg (35407 bytes)

The picture below is a full hull model you see above and below the waterline.

350missouri.jpg (10509 bytes)

The Infamous Waterline Kit!

What are waterline kits??

Most kits are made in the orient for example this is the British 'O' class Destroyer
made by either Skywave or Tamiya. The parts are attached to what is called a
you will need to cut them off with a hobby knife, glue the parts together and paint it
viola you've recreated a piece of history.

Here is a better look at a "tree" these are the parts that you will need to cut off.
Look here for a great set of
basic tools to help you in building your ship.

You'll follow the directions and illustrations even if some of the directions
are in  a
Fr^#*&^%$  language that I can't read.
They have good diagrams in the directions. Just look at the pictures
and follow them and the part numbers. You'll do fine.

Well, how are we looking now?
It's taking on all the dimensions
of the actual ship but smaller.

Now for the painting you can use a brush, bottle & aerosole can, or airbrush.
Our ship is starting to look as it did during WWII.

You'll say but Captain the painting directions are in fr $%^&$#@
what the heck do I do?
Ask me for some color pictures I'll email them
to you. Remember ships have a basic 5 colors
Ship-Grey, Deck-Dark Grey, Bottom-Red
& some black and white parts.
Look at the box top for colors too.

The portholes were drilled out to add realism and the ship was given
a "Dazzel Camouflage" paint job
you'll find info in our book section on
these kinds of paint jobs.

Now you'll see why it's called a waterline kit. The ship is displayed as if it
was sitting in the water and you only see whats above the waterline! To build
ships that look like this the best book on it is
"Basics of Scale Modeling"


For some more waterline information click here!

If you think 1/700 scale is real small take a look at this.

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