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What is a Resin kit???

Resin kits are a kind of plastic which you do not use tube glue to

attach the pieces but your fancy super glues. These kits are hand-

cast,  the producers can only make a limited amount from a mold.

Therefore the molds have to constantly be refurbished. They get maybe

125 or so kits from a mold then it has to be refurbished. Although

it's more trouble to make the molds they don't cost what a plastic kit

mold would cost, which are 100's of thousands of dollars to make.

That's why you don't see many great new plastic ship models.

They usually come in only 1/700 and 1/350 scale. Built correctly

you could find these models in any Naval Museum. Detail is outstanding

and they are more pricey than plastic, they are hand poured but, they are beautiful.

A must for  the first time   resin builder is Ashey's book! These kits are not for

the faint of heart. I always suggest a less expensive resin kit, to get your 

feet wet and then build that special ship you want to build. These kits contain

resin, pewter and brass photo-etch parts.  Some ship kits will only come

out in these fancy resin kits.  These are not easy kits to build for the beginner

 so if you are ready to sink your teeth into a real project, even if the ship is

 only 5" long then you are ready to build something special.

For a look at a Resin Kit Factory click here.


Click link below to find out how to build a RESIN model!


Great start to finish building a resin model 1/350 USS Knox Class!

Part 1 >                            

Part 2 >

Part 3 >

Part 4 >

Part 5 >

Part 6 Knox pictures >


Dear Customer sometimes it takes awhile after
you have made your order to get your kit. The
manufactures do not make 100's of these kits,
these are hand caste.  Most resin makers are
of the cottage industry sort. Don't get nervous.
We will get you your kit. Have Fun!


If you have never built a RESIN KIT they are not easy.
You will need a book or website to teach you how to build them.
We can help you just call us 718-471-5464
If you return it that's fine, no problem there is a 25% re-stocking fee.



Take a look at Commander Models new Detroit in 1/350 scale.

detroit3.jpg (16857 bytes)

This is the bow section.

detroit4.jpg (25608 bytes)

This is the midship section.

detroit5.jpg (39975 bytes)

Smaller parts section look at the detail.

detroit6.jpg (28682 bytes)

Photoetch Parts

detroit7.jpg (71446 bytes)

These plans are pretty good some manufactures
are  worse, some are better.

detroit8.jpg (44568 bytes)

This is the completed USS Detroit

detroit2.jpg (25365 bytes)

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