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USS Arizona 1/700 scale Ship Models

This is a brand new kit one of the best ever produced.
Kit# BB139
 $GONE Brand New 10'' long very detailed.


Main Features:
- Newly tooled lower hull with accurate dimensions
- Bridge and crane parts retooled to give greater detail
- 14-inch gun turrets retooled in plastic for easier construction
- Slide-molded barrels for the dozen 14-inch guns
- Onboard lifeboats rendered with fine detail
- New plastic parts for the bridge and gun turrets
- Photo-etched parts
- Decals by Cartograf
- New box art illustration
- Includes a display stand

About this new series:
What are Dragon Premium Edition Kits?
Premium Edition kits strike an optimum balance between technology and value for the money, often with the reuse and revival of existing Dragon Models. New technology is added to create new molds and more accurate parts, and these elements are combined to produce a greatly improved kit. Premium Edition kits are complete in every sense and offer modellers a chance to extend their families of model vehicles.

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Built as part of America's pre-World War I modernization of the Navy, Arizona began her career as a gunnery training ship and cruised the coastal waters of the Atlantic Seaboard prior to the United States' entry into the war. She later served as flagship of the Atlantic Fleet and of various battleship divisions in the Pacific, including one based at Pearl Harbor. It was there on December 7, 1941, during the Japanese attack, that Arizona's magazines were pierced by a 1,760-lb bomb that shattered the battleship, instantly killing most of her crew and sinking the ship in 40 feet of water. Arizona's burning superstructure and listing masts became one of the most-reproduced scenes of the Pacific war as the nation rallied to the cry, "Remember Pearl Harbor!" One of only two ships not refloated after the attack, Arizona was left a shattered hulk on Battleship Row. In 1948, a flagstaff was attached to the stub of the ship's mainmast and once again Arizona flew the national ensign.

Privately raised funds and a Congressional appropriation built the Arizona Memorial in 1962. This graceful white concrete arch spans the sunken ship and includes a shrine listing the names of Arizona's dead, assembly area, and viewing platform. In 1981, another Congressional appropriation built a modern visitor center that serves as a museum, book store, interpretive center, theater and assembly area for the tour boats that carry visitors to the memorial. Operated by the National Park Service, the USS Arizona Memorial serves as a reminder of the tragic events of December 7, 1941, and of the proud battleship that rests beneath the waters of Pearl Harbor.