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Personalized Naval Ship Prints
Support Ships Modern and WWII

Yes we do Merchant Marine ships too!

8x18 inch Color Ship Profile Drawing by Geo. Bieda.
8x18 inches rolled in a tube:  $65.00

To really understand how nice our frames are click here.

This makes a great gift to someone special that served in the Navy.
We will also add their NAME, RANK & YEARS OF SERVICE.
At no extra cost.

Any extra information can be put at the
bottom of the order form.

    • Samuel Gompers Class: USS Samuel Gompers AD-37, USS Puget Sound AD-38, USS Yellowstone AD-41, USS Acadia AD-42, USS Cape Cod AD-43, USS Shenandoah AD-44
    • Dixie Class: USS Prairie AD-15, USS Cascade AD-16, USS Sierra AD-18, USS Piedmont AD-17, USS Yosemite AD-19
    • Klondike Class:  USS Klondike AD-22/ AR-22, USS Arcadia AD-23, USS Everglades AD-24, USS Frontier AD-25, USS Shenandoah AD-26, USS Yellowstone AD-27, USS Grand Canyon AD-28/ AR-28, USS Isle Royal AD-29, USS Tidewater AD-21, USS Bryce Canyon AD-36

    • Kilauea Class: USS Butte, USS Santa Barbara, USS Mount Hood, USS Flint, USS Shasta, USS Mount Baker, USS Kiska
    • Nitro Class: USS Nitro, USS Pyro, USS Kaleakala
    • Suribachi Class: USS Suribachi, USS Mauna Kea
    • Diamond Head Class: USS Diamond Head, USS Firedrake, USS Great Sitkin, USS Mount Katmai, USS Paricutin, USS Vesuvius, USS Wrangell, USS Akutan, USS Lassen, USS Mauna Loa, USS Mazama, USS Mount Baker, USS Rainer, USS Shasta, USS Sangay,
    • Mars Class: USS Mars (AFS-1), USS Sylvania (AFS-2), USS Niagra Falls (AFS-3), USS White Plains (AFS-4), USS Concord (AFS-5), USS San Diego (AFS-6), USS San Jose (AFS-7),
    • Sirius Class:  USS Sirius (AFS-8), USS Spica (AFS-9), USS Saturn (AFS-10)
    • Castor Class:  USS Castor (AKS-1), USS Pollux (AKS-2), USS Antares (AKS-3), USS Pollux (AKS-4)
    • Mercury Class:  USS Mercury (AKS-20)

    • Cimarron Class: USS Cimarron AO-22, USS Neosho AO-23, USS Platte AO-24, USS Sabine AO-25 , USS Salamonie AO-26,USS Kaskaskia AO-27, USS Chemung AO-30,  USS Guadalupe AO-32, USS Ashtabula AO-51, USS Cacapon AO-52, USS Caliente AO-53, USS Chikaskia AO-54, USS Elokomin AO-55, USS Aucilla AO-56, USS Marias AO-57, USS Manatee AO-58, USS Mississnewa AO-59, USS Nantahala AO-60, USS Severn AO-61, USS Taluga AO-62, USS Chipola AO-63,  USS Tolovana AO-64, USS Allagash AO-97, USS Caloosahatchie AO-98, USS Canisteo AO-99, USS Chukawan AO-100, USS Mispillion AO-105, USS Navasota AO-106, USS Passumpsic AO-107, USS Pawcatuk AO-108, USS Waccamaw AO-109, 

    • Supply Class: USS Supply (AOE-9), USS Rainier (AOE-7), USS Arctic (AOE-8), USS Bridge (AOE-10)
    • Sacramento Class:  USS Sacramento (AOE-1), USS Camden (AOE-2), USS Seattle (AOE-3), USS Detroit (AOE-4)
    • Wichita Class: USS Wichita AOR-1, USS Milwaukee AOR-2, USS Kansas City AOR-3, USS Savannah AOR-4, USS Wabash AOR-5, USS Kalamazoo AOR-6 , USS Roanoke AOR-7
    • T3-S2-A3 Type: USS Mispillion, USS Navasota, USS Passumpsic, USS Pawcatuck, USS Waccamaw
    • T3-S2-A1 Type: USS Allagash, USS Ashtabula, USS Aucilla, USS Cacapon, USS Caliente, USS Caloosahatchee, USS Canisteo, USS Chemung, USS Chikaskia, USS Chipola, USS Chukawan, USS Cimarron
    • T2-A-MC-K Type:  USS Mattaponi (AO-41), USS Monongahela (AO-42 ), AO-43 USS Tappahannock, AO-44 USS Patuxent, AO-47 USS Neches, 
    • T2-SE-A1 Type:  AO-49 USS Suamico, AO-50 USS Tallulah, 
    • General Class: USS General Anderson, USS General Randall, USS General Butner, USS General Breckinridge, USS General Pope, USS General Meigs, USS General Mann, USS General Mitchell, USS General Weigel, USS General Gordon.
    • Vulcan Class: USS Vulcan, USS Ajax, USS Hector, USS Jason.
    • ARL (x-LST) Class: USS Askari, USS Sphinx.
    • ARG:  USS Otus ARG-20
    • Bolster Class: USS Preserver, USS Bolster, USS Conserver, USS Hoist, USS Opportune, USS Reclaimer, USS Recovery
    • Diver Class:  ARS-19 USS Cable, ARS-20 / T-AGOR-17 USS Chain, ARS-21 USS Curb, ARS-22 USS Current, ARS-23 USS Deliver, ARS-24 USS Grasp, ARS-26 USS Seize
      WAT-168 / WMEC-168 Yocona, ARS-27 / AGOR-18 USS Snatch, ARS-28 USS Valve, ARS-29 USS Vent, ARS-33 USS Clamp, ARS-34 USS Gear, 
    • Escape Class:  ARS-14 USS Protector, ARS-25 USS Safeguard, 
    • Anchor Class: ARS-13 USS`Anchor, ARS-15 USS Extractor, ARS-16 USS Extricate, ARS-17 USS Restorer
    • L. Y. Spear Class: USS L.Y. Spear (AS3 6), USS Dixon (AS 37), USS Emory S. Land (AS 39), USS Frank Cable(AS 40), USS McKee(AS 41)
    • Simon Lake Class: USS Simon Lake (AS 33), USS Canopus (AS 34)
    • Hunley Class: USS Hunley (AS 31), USS Holland(AS 32)
    • Proteus Class: USS Proteus (AS 19)
    • Fulton Class: USS Fulton (AS 11), USS Sperry (AS 12), USS Orion (AS 18), USS Nereus (AS 17), USS Bushnell (AS 15), USS Howard W. Gilmore(AS 16)
    • Chanticleer Class: USS Florikan (ASR 9), USS Kittiwake (ASR 13), USS Petrel (ASR 14), USS Sunbird (ASR 15), USS Chanticleer (ASR 7), USS Coucal (ASR 8), USS Greenlet (ASR 10), USS Tringa (ASR 16)
  • ATA Auxiliary Fleet Tug:
  •             Sotoyomo Class Auxiliary Fleet Tug:  ATR-106 / ATA-179 USS Allegheny, ATR-105 / ATA-178 USS Tunica, ATR-103 / ATA-176 USS Tonkawa, AT-175 / ATR-102 / ATA-175 USS Sonoma, AT-174 / ATR-101 / ATA-174 USS Wateree, AT-173 / ATR-100 / ATA-173, AT-172 / ATR-99 / ATA-172, ATR-107 / ATA-180, ATR-108 / ATA-181 USS Accokeek, ATR-109 / ATA-182 USS Unadilla, ATR-113 / ATA-186 USS Cahokia, ATR-114 / ATA-187 USS Salish, ATR-115 / ATA-188 USS Penobscot, ATR-116 / ATA-189 USS Raindeer, ATR-117 / ATA-190 USS Samoset, ATR-119 / ATA-192 USS Tillamook, ATR-120 / ATA-193 USS Stallion, ATR-121 / ATA-194 USS Bagaduce, ATR-122 / ATA-195 USS Tatnuk, ATR-123 / ATA-196 USS Mahopac, ATR-124 / ATA-197 USS Sunnadin, ATR-126 / ATA-199 USS Undaunted, ATR-128 / ATA-201 USS Challenge, ATR-130 / ATA-203 USS Navigator, ATR-131 / ATA-204 USS Wandank, ATR-132 / ATA-205 USS Sciota, ATR-133 / ATA-206 USS Pinola, ATR-134 / ATA-207 USS Geronimo, ATR-135 / ATA-208 USS Sagamore, ATR-136 / ATA-209 USS Umpqua, ATR-138 / ATA-211 USS Navajo, ATR-139 / ATA-212 USS Algoma, WMEC-194 Modoc

    • Abnaki Class: USS Abnaki, USS Achomawi, USS Alsea, USS Apache, USS Arapaho, USS Arikara, USS Atakapa, USS Avoyel, USS Bannock, USS Cahuilla, USS Carib, USS Chawasha, USS Chickasaw, USS Chilula, USS Chimariko, USS Chippewa, USS Choctaw, USS Chowanoc, USS Cocopa, USs Cree, USS Cusabo, USS Hidatsa, USS Hitchiti, USS Hopi, USS Jicarilla, USS Kiowa, USS Lipan, USS Luiseno, USS Metaco, USS Menominee, USS Moctobi, USS Molala, USS Moreno, USS Mosospelea, USS Munsee, USS Narragansett, USS Mipmuc, USS Pauite, USS Pakana, USS Papago, USS Pawnee, USS Pinto, USS Potawatomi, USS Quapaw, USS Salinan, USS Seneca, USS Serrano, USS Shakori, USS Sioux, USS Takelma, USS Tawakoni, USS Tawasa, USS Tekesta, USS Tenino, USS Tolowa, USS Ute, USS Utina, USS Wenatchee, USS Yuma
    • Currituck Class: USSCurrituck, USS Norton Sound, USS Pine Island, USS Salisbury Sound
    • Barnegat Class: USS Barnegat, USS Corson, USS Duxbury Bay, USS Floyds Bay, USS Gardiners Bay, USS Greenwich Bay, USS Onslow, USS Orca, USS Oyster Bay, USS San Carlos, USS Shelikof, USS Suisun, USS Timbalier, USS Valcour