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Personalized Army Airborne Prints


8x18 inch Color Ship Profile Drawing by Geo. Bieda.
8x18 inches rolled in a tube:  $65.00

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This makes a great gift to someone special that served in the Army Air Corps or Marines.
We will also add their NAME, RANK & YEARS OF SERVICE.
At no extra cost.

We know you're not ordering a ship pretend your plane or tank is a ship!

Any extra information can be put at the
bottom of the order form.


We can give a wheels up picture with either grey or blue sky!


Every soldier has a story and so is the story on this print!

Our customer had very sketchy information from 3rd hand sources, not sure of the color, not sure of the name of the warbird, kinda knew what it looked like.
[ Customers information B-24G, Naked Girl, Comfort?, sharks teeth and shot down 1944 ]
The customer had and old beat up photo, he was a WWII veteran doing this for someone else. Well let me tell you about George our artist, thru his files and both of us
hunting for information he found on the internet a photo of the plane before it was chopped up as scrap in 1947. Here is where the story get's better. Crews drew lots
 to see what plane they would be assigned to before a mission if their plane was in for repairs the crew would take a different plane. Well that is what happened Roy and
his crew flew on a different plane and that plane was shot down and he became a POW in Germany till the end of the war. The "Solid Comfort" continued to serve thru the war.
George recreated this magnificent art print, I'm sure it will be cherished by the airman's family and will be passed down to future generations of Americans.

Another super print form George