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The Artist George Beida.

George E. Bieda was trained in art by the Washington School of Art, the North Lights Artist School, Bremerton watercolorist Jane Wortman and New England
Seascape Painter Frederick Maitland Hines. He has been painting and drawing as a Naval and Aviation Artist for over 35 years. George developed his
knowledge of ships and aircraft throughout his long Naval Career where he spent 24 years of his 29 years assigned to sea duty on submarines, destroyers,
cruisers, aircraft carriers, amphibious ships and fleet auxiliaries. George retired from the Navy in 1994 and now works as a full time artist for his own company,
Windjammer Arts. George was also the Bremerton Naval Museumís staff artist for three years.

His work has been purchased by the US Navy repeatedly and he has sold over 5,000 pen and ink ship and aircraft drawings.
His art has been exhibited at over 16 galleries, shops, Museum and malls and is our exclusive artist here at

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Why are we so good, let me tell you!

We can take any ship and follow it's career thru the Navy as the ship changes so does the art print. We follow the Ship thru
WWII, Korea, Post Korea and Vietnam and today. Below you'll find a US Destroyer Gearing class thru all of it's changes.
We can paint camouflage or non camouflage we can can change the aircraft on an Essex Class Carrier
it will look like it did when you were on it.

We do US Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Army, Merchant Marine and USNS ships, aircraft and armor we do it all for you.

We can even change on board weapons and radar  like when you were on it.

USS Borie World War II - Gearing Class USS Hamner  Korean War - Gearing Class
USS Southerland Vietnam War - Gearing Class FRAMd

We can do this with any ship in the Fleet.
We follow you and your ship's service with the fleet.

USS Ticonderoga World War II - Essex Class USS Boxer Korean War - Essex Class
USS Oriskany Vietnam War - Essex Class

What ever info you give us to enhance the print we will put it in the print take a look below.

This is just the usual things we do,
we also can follow your whole career!

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When it comes to Aircraft white background with wheels down or

We can give a wheels up picture with either grey or blue sky!