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Type VIIC/41 U-boat Models
1/72 Scale - 3 feet long

Yes my friends this big

very detailed kit is

really a plastic model

like you  used to build

when you was kid.

The U-Boot type VII-C is the best known German submarine from World War II. It was built in large numbers and upgraded several times. This type represents the ultimate high point of the submarine era. Equipped with four bow and one stern torpedo the VII-C was a fearsome weapon. The task assigned to the German submarines was trade warfare. They were designed to disrupt England's supply lines and innumerable sunken ships bear witness to that. The "Grey Wolves" of the Atlantic made war on escort convoys and hunted in packs. Accustomed to success, however, the period from 1943 was devastating for the German submarines: the hunters became the hunted. New search equipment tracked the German submarines mercilessly and turned them into steel coffins for innumerable German submarine crews. The type VII-C submarine illustrates the rise and fall of German submarine warfare. Technical data: length 67.1 m, two 2,800 hp diesel engines gave a top speed of 17.6 knots surfaced, 2 battery driven electric motors gave a top speed of 7.6 knots dived, minimum depth 100 m, crew approx. 44 men.

- Generally new mould
- 2 optional conning tower variants
- Can be built with or without net saw
- Finely detailed hull showing rivets and welds
- Imitation flood valves and vents
- Accurate representation of deck details
- Torpedo hatches optionally open or closed

KIT# S509 - $Gone



Decal for U-69 U-203 U-552
U-Boats U-82 U253  


Crew each set is $13.95

AA Guns - WSM72008 Conning Tower - WSM72006 Deck gun - WSM72007


Kit # 2525 - 51 figures $12.00

Lets say you want a crew for

your submarine here is my idea.

Revell makes unpainted

German Naval Figures.


Look at these great detailed parts!
Yep this is a great looking model.


Wear your own U-Boat Commander hat
Click the pic for info!