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American Presidential Liners

T114 1/400 scale 18" long $23.95



The American President express service to the Orient was operated primarily by the two-class President Cleveland and President Wilson. Their 1940s modern First class public rooms and pool occupied the entire Promenade deck, while Economy class had a lounge, veranda and pool aft on the lower decks. They were particularly popular with tourists, government and military personnel and migrants enroute from Asia to the USA.

Beginning in 1962 they were assisted by the all First class President Roosevelt, whose spacious layout included many single cabins and a private bath in every stateroom. All three ships were fitted with full air-conditioning and stabilizers.

 These ocean liners normally were routed from San Francisco to Honolulu (5 days), Yokohama (14 days), Hong Kong (18 days) and Manila (20 days), with the return voyage sailing via the same ports plus Kobe. The round trip was 42 days. The slower President Hoover, added to the fleet in 1957, was sometimes scheduled to bypass Honolulu which saved her three days steaming time.

 American President Lines also offered around-the-world passenger and cargo service on the combination sister ships, President Polk and President Monroe. The complete voyage could be taken westbound from New York or San Francisco, and included the Panama Canal, Hawaii, the Orient, Southeast Asia, India, Pakistan, the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean, and returning home via the Atlantic. Accommodations were modern, comfortable and simple, and included a lounge with bar, library, an outdoor pool and dining salon.

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      Here's my version of the Gen. Simon B. Buckner,T-AP123, using a presidential liner, and
          parts from 2 C-3 cargo ships, and homemade stacks. You're welcome to use the pictures if you like.
            Thanks for the great service, Carl.   
Well done Carl and yes I have very creative customers.