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Here is a way for a pedestal for a resin kit.

Capt., We had a conversation a while back about mounting a model on a pedestal. The model is
a 350 scale WWII APD, length is just under 12 inches, I thought 2 pedestals was a bit much so
I decided to go with 1. Found the balance point of the model and marked, Plugged the pedestal with a 3/8 dowel (little bit of sanding).
Drilled hole in center of dowel for .020 brass rod, drilled hole in hull. I didn't glue ship to pedestal,
used artists "tack" so if need be can remove ship.
Let me know your thoughts. Ed

How to make & display a hollow plastic kit on Pedestals.
This is a work in progress from Bill Milligan.

Start out with an
inexpensive piece of wood
with a beveled edge.
Mark the depth
of the drill bit
with tape and drill.
Cut and Glue the wood dowels that you
can buy at a Hardware store,
Home Depot or Art Supply Store
Drill holes in the bottom of
the model glue round
plastic cylinders
inside the ship model.
One thing if I may that I forgot to mention is the plastic tubing and the doweling do not fit at first; this is what I had to do to correct the problem to insure a snug but loose fit. After you drill and set the doweling in the base to check the depth Do Not Glue The Doweling Yet, I slide the pedestals over the doweling mark the doweling at the top with a pencil as to know where the top of the pedestal will be. You then put the doweling in an electric drill and evenly sand the doweling down until it fits easily in the plastic tubing then I glue the tubing in the sub.
We are almost ready
to make magic.
Looks like everything lines up.
Notice here that William
marked off the center of the ship.
Yep we know where he bought
those brass pedestals
Yes we have a great fit,
slid the model down.
Starboard Side
Port side
Bow & Stern shots
William added a new resin sail from Nautilus Models to create a different boat than the USS Lionfish.


Hi Capt. Shay,

 Following is the list of parts purchased and used to construct the mounting stand:

      24 hardwood base, pre-cut and edged (can be picked up at local craft or hardware stores)

     Brass pedestals from

     3/8 hardwood doweling (hardware or craft store)

     7/16 tubing from Evergreen Scale Models (local hobby store)

     Revell model WWII Fleet Submarine

     Conning tower and detail parts from Nautilus Model Company (Kit #S-01)  

Thanks so much.  This has been fun and hope it all works out for you.

 Bill Milligan