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My 1970 Kaiser DJ5 Postal Jeep
Bought on Ebay 02/2007 from a woman in Indiana. $1,000
I have had a desire for one of these jeeps for about 20 years.

These are some of the first pictures I saw of the Jeep. It was a cold winter 2007 from Indiana to NY
It took three weeks to find someone to haul it to NY. This is the Car Hauler in the Jeep. Shipping $700.00
Originally it had a back seat for her kids.       I took out the seat so I could carry stuff to the Post Office.
 Grand Kids love sitting in the Jeep.         Seats from the Junk Yard $100.00         Two more Grand Kids Priceless!
It had a very old radio in the dash! My son added new speakers and a CD player.
To date I have spent thousands putting it in good running shape way more than I had expected.
That's the Captain. The new look for Spring 2010
The extensive rear end rusting out in 2012 getting fixed. Both doors and side panel being fixed and painted.

Winter of 2013 in front of the office. The "Captains Gig" 1970 DJ5
Two daughters and one grandson with the Captain in Wannabe, Texans

Jeep look Changing Over the years.

2007 - 2008 2009
2010 2011
Week before New Yellow Color Week before New Yellow Color
New Professional Paint Job 2017 Below 30 Spray Cans of Plasti-Dip Above

Great pictures from the Internet.

Veteran's Day 2010 Air Power Museum, Long Island - pictures by Ckeanna Miller

Interesting Dj5's found on the internet.

American  Postal Jeep New Colors Canadian Postal Jeep
American Postal Jeeps Older Colors
Mark Brown's Restoration 1976 DJ-5
Ain't she a Beauty! Brice Blackwell's RHD CJ-5
Yes this is a well done DJ makeover hails from Iowa
Great California Paint Job Kiefer Sutherland in "Eye for an Eye"
 DJ5 Jeep ready for take off! Electric Jeep in Canada
1948 DJ RH Drive 1971 DJ5 cut down Pretty in Pink!
That's going Postal. Punk that Postal Jeep
What a great color. Mellow Yellow Navy Jeep
Susquehana Township Life Squad My friend Sam G's Jeep?
America on the Go! Anthony's has GONE POSTAL
Jeep in front of my future Alma Mater 1975 My Jeep 2007
I painted the whole Jeep inside and out with Cans of Plasti-Dip 2014
Woody Postal Jeep Deal me In!
1940s Jeep Assembly Line and End of Line 1980s Postal Jeep Assembly Line and End of Line
Winter 2013 Two Daughters and grandson, Wannabe, Texans