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How to display a Model Ship.
Do you want to add pizazz to your ship model it's quick and easy.

This was created with balsa sticks cut a the same length placed close
to each other to make it look keel blocks from a dry dock. They were glued
to the base then the base was stained & varnished then the ship was glued
to the blocks or just placed on the blocks simple, creative and inexpensive.

We sell balsa strips 1/4 x 1/4 x 36" for 2.50 plus a base board you are all set.



Plastic covered Display Cases with Black Bases.

2518 14L x 3.5W x 4H 12.95
2519 10.25L x 2.5W x 4H 9.00
2530 19.6L x 5.8W x 6H 34.95
2531 10.2L x 2.6W x 2.6H 7.00

Or just put a few sticks down on the base.

p1010001.jpg (237326 bytes)

This base below was made from a piece of wood from a Home Depot or a lumber yard less than 8.00.

The picture is from a professional builder.

World war II Gearing kit form DML kit!

USS Arizona by Trumpeter in 1:200 scale, mounted on oak with basswood strips.
As you can see David very easily cut all the strips the same size and then
nailed them to a piece of oak an varnished the whole base, simple but elegant.

To see a US Battleship on Keel Blocks click the link below!


Picture USS Hunt in Dry Dock note the Keel Blocks.

Below is another inexpensive display

I/700 Submarine model $7.00. Wooden base bought at Michael's Art Store $1.95
Looking at my built diorama = Priceless.