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Landing Craft Mechanized - LCM
Put your own 1/72 scale tank with this kit.

LCM(III) "Landing Mechanized Craft" this is a diorama complete with Tank.
 1/72 scale AX118A - GONE - 8"x 14" base 8" LCM.


- Brand new M4A1 w/Deep Wading Kit finely represented by photo-etched parts
- Workable ramp opens/closes
- Bolt connecting plate for gun shield attachment appears completely integral after assembly
- Turret produced by slide mold
- Driver's and radio operator's hatches can be assembled open/closed
- Gun shield with fine bolt detail
- LCM(3) landing craft with delicate detail
- 3 obstacles ("hedgehogs") included
- 3 realistically posed LCM crew figures
- 6 well-animated 1/72 scale infantrymen
- Complete upper hull specific to M4A1
- One-piece DS tracks
- Finely detailed VVSS suspension syetem

The Atlantic Wall was a formidable series of fortifications stretching from France to Norway, and to breach it, the Allies needed special equipment. The point chosen to penetrate the seemingly impregnable fortress of Europe was Normandy, and D-Day was set as June 6, 1944. The massive seaborne invasion involved the greatest armada ever assembled, including a staggering 6939 naval vessels! This total included 4126 specialist landing ships/craft. Dragon’s new 1/72 diorama set features one such landing craft, an LCM(3), also known as a “Higgins” boat. The vessel was capable of carrying a single M4 Sherman tank or 60 soldiers.

Dragon’s fantastic new set includes a 1/72 scale kit of this type of landing craft, plus a highly accurate and fully detailed M4A1 tank kit. The tank has been readied for the invasion by having deep-water wading stacks added, these exciting new elements being constructed from photo-etched parts for a true scale effect. The M4A1 tank kit accurately reflects how a tank would have appeared when storming the beaches of Normandy. But there’s much more included in this set! A team of six U.S. infantrymen, a crew of three sailors for the LCM(3), plus a series of beach obstacles (so-called “hedgehogs”), are all included. All these components come together on a complete diorama base provided in the box. Modelers can just about hear the tank tracks clanking down the steel ramp of the landing craft and splashing into the surf, even as American infantrymen rush across the sand seared by machinegun bullets, and take desperate cover behind German-laid beach obstacles. This is a truly comprehensive set that brings D-Day to life, thus enabling modelers to recreate one of the most momentous days of WWII!