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USS Randolph Model ship 1/700 Scale
Long Hull Essex Class
The most detailed model ever of the Carrier.

A111B - $45.95

Clear inside Super aircraft Detailed parts Closed or opened Super decals
Different Radar Photoetching Raised or Lowered Detailed Turrets Waterline/Full

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With decals you can build any short hull Essex Class.
Over 500 parts - A111B - $45.95
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With decals you are able to build the ships marked with YES below.

CV-9Essex                            CV-10 Yorktown   CV-11 Intrepid  
CV-12 Hornet   CV-13 Franklin   CV-14 Ticonderoga YES
CV-15 Randolph YES CV-16 Lexington   CV-17 Bunker Hill  
CV-18 Wasp   CV-19 Hancock YES CV-20 Bennington  
CV-21 Boxer YES CV- 31 Bon H. Richard   CV-32 Leyte YES
CV-33 Kearsarge YES CV-34 Oriskany YES CV-36 Antietam YES
CV-37 Princeton YES CV-38 Shangri-La   CV-39 Lake Champlain YES
CV-40 Tarawa YES CV-45 Valley Forge YES CV-47 Philippine Sea YES

USS Essex Class ship by Dragon Models!

Finally, a 1/700 USS Essex kit worthy of this great carrier! This kit is sure to become an instant favorite. All of the great features are listed below including a world's first 1/700 photo etched deck crew!

Main Features:
- Authentic 1:700 scale model of the USS Essex in its original form in 1943-1944
- Option of either a waterline version or a full hull version
- Display stand included
- Detailed Hangar deck with interior details
- Contains parts so all hull-side doors can be modeled in an open, half-open or closed position
- Flight deck elevators can be posed as raised or lowered
- Finely detailed bridge superstructure (all one piece)
- Slide-molded 5-inch twin turrets (Slide mold technology -- see below for a description of this technique)
- Different types of radar provided, including YE Homing Beacon, SC Radar, SK Radar and Mk37 Director - Super detailed anti-aircraft guns including 5-inch .38 Caliber Single Open Mount, Quadruple 40mm Bofors and Single 20mm Qerkilon
- Onboard aircraft consisting of SBD Dauntless, F6F Hellcat and TBF/M Avenger are conveniently constructed in transparent plastic
- Cartograf decals offer 2 marking schemes, plus air group and national insignia
- 1:700 photo-etched deck crew
--Worlds First!
- Deck-edge elevator can be positioned up or down - Plastic and photo-etched options for safety net

About the USS Essex:
The USS Essex belonged to a powerful class of 27,100 ton aircraft carriers built during the Second World War. Originally commissioned on the final day of 1942, it sailed to the Pacific to take part in combat there. After involvement in various campaigns in the Pacific it was damaged by a Japanese Kamikaze attack on 25 November, 1944 off the Philippines. The carrier was able to carry on in combat, and went on to support the vital American landings on Iwo Jima and Okinawa. Its final decommissioning occurred in 1969.

Dragon Slide Mold Technology:
Beginning with computer aided design right through to molding, the whole slide mold process is computerized. It allows us to create large pieces without the need to create them as separate parts. The result is a perfectly accurate scale replica of the original without multiple seams (and major finishing work for modelers).
By utilizing this technology, we can manufacture parts that are more detailed and complex. 3-D shapes, hollow tubes and barrels, one-piece muzzle brakes are now a reality! This results in convenience and ease for you, with parts that are accurately aligned and shaped.