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USS Juneau (Atlanta Class)

List Price $49.95   Kit # DC102    Our Price $ SOON

The second of 4 ships in the Atlanta class,  Juneau took part in the night battles surrounding Guadalcanal in 1942. She was lost on November 13, 1942.
 Lost with her were all five Sullivan brothers. The fate of the Sullivans led to a policy change in assigning family members to the same ship.
The Sullivans (DD-537) was named to honor their memory.

The DML kit is the newest plastic kit of this ship on the market today. Measuring 9.5" long, this kit is highly detailed.
The upper hull is cast as a single piece casting split at the waterline. (build full hull or waterline model) All the large parts, turrets, bridge and smoke stacks are cast in plastic. 
An extensive photo-etched brass sheet is included to finish the kit.

No. Name                               Comm. Notes (: Lost)                                        
CL-51 Atlanta 24 Dec 1941 13 Nov 1942; torpedo & gunfire at
Battle of Guadalcanal
CL-97 Flint 31 Aug 1944  
CL-121 Fresno 1946  
CL-52 Juneau 14 Feb 1942 13 Nov 1942; torpedo at Battle of Guadalcanal
CL-119 Juneau 1946  
CL-95 Oakland 17 Jul 1943  
CL-96 Reno 28 Dec 1943  
CL-53 San Diego 10 Jan 1942  
CL-54 San Juan 28 Feb 1942  
CL-120 Spokane 1946  
CL-98 Tucson 3 Feb 1945  

If you never built a photo-etched kit you'll need this book.


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