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Soviet Borei Class Missile Boats
1/700 Scale 2 kits in each box.

Kit #S854
List Price
$19.95 Or Price $15.95

The Project 955, or Borei class, is a forth-generation nuclear-powered missile submarine. The Borei class will eventually replace ageing Russian Delta IV and Typhoon class ballistic missile submarines and would form a core of Russian naval deterrent.

   First of the class, the Yury Dolgoruky was laid down in 1996. Production of the vessel suffered severe delays due to funding problems. It was launched only in 2007. It is the first Russian strategic missile submarine to be launched since the Soviet era. It is also considered a milestone in the development of the Russian navy.

   Two other Borei class submarines, the s, the Alexandr Nevsky and the Vladimir Monomakh are currently under construction with a forth submarine on the production schedule list.

   The Vladimir Monomakh and follow-on submarine will probably be built as the Project 955A. It will have numerous improvements and might have different hull shape.

   The Borei class submarine carries Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile, which is a naval version of the SS-27 Topol-M. The Yury Dolgoruky will carry 16 of these missiles. It is worth mentioning that there development of Bulava SLBM was plagued by setbacks, as there were numerous failures during Bulava test launches. The Bulava (NATO Designation SS-N-30) ballistic missile has a range of 8 000 km. This submarine was expected to be commissioned in 2009, however as of early 2009 it was not fitted with missiles.

   Improved Project 955 boats might carry up to 20 ballistic missiles. Borei has about half the displacement of the Typhoon class, however will carry similar number of missiles.


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