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USS Yorktown CV-5 Carrier Model

List Price 179.95  Kit# A104B  Over 2ft long  Our Price $Gone


-  Precise 1/350 Scale Model Kit - Carefully Researched by a panel of Modelers
- Full Hanger Deck Detail - Photo-etched Detail Sheet x 5
- Full Color Painting Guide -  Single Piece Hull with plating detail
- Model in 1943 Battle of Midway fit. - Positional Elevators- U.S. navy Planes x 3 Types (5 each)

The Battle of Midway in early 1942 was one of the most dramatic sea battles of all time. Only a few months after the attack on Pearl Harbour, it marked the turning point in the war for the Pacific. Neither the American nor the Japanese ships involved had any direct visual contact during the battle. The entire battle was fought using carrier-based aircraft from the two warring parties. Thanks to its success in decoding Japanese marine codes, the U.S. Navy knew about the forthcoming attack in advance, and dispatched the U.S.S. Yorktown, Enterprise and Hornet to Midway Island. Following detection of the Japanese carriers by the aircraft based on the Enterprise and the Hornet, extensive attacks were launched against them. The Japanese aircraft carriers immediately caught fire and sank. Aircraft from the fourth Japanese carrier, which was also sunk later, succeeded in damaging the Yorktown severely. The American victory meant that Japan was no longer capable of continuing its expansion course and the allied armed forces managed to consolidate their position in the Pacific and start an offensive.




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Yorktown Class:

Displacement: 19,800 tons
Length: 827'4"
Beam: 83' at water line
Draft: 31'
Speed 34 knots
Armament: 8 5"/38 DP, 8x2 40mm, 6x4 40mm, 50 20mm, 85 planes
Complement: 2919
Geared turbines with four screws, 120,000 hp

No. Name                               Comm. Notes (: Lost)                                      
CV-6 Enterprise 12 May 38  
CV-5 Yorktown 30 Sep 37 7Jun 42; aerial & submarine torpedoes (I-168) at Battle of Midway

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