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USS Kidd Class Destroyers DDG-993
All 4 ships of the class can be built from this kit.

USS Kidd Class kit # DC018 - $Gone
built by Randy Clark
1/350 scale new kit.  19" LONG

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The KIDD class are the most powerful multi-purpose destroyers in the fleet. The four ships of this class, originally designed for sale to the then-friendly Iranian Navy, are unique among US Warships, in that it combines the combat systems capability of the former VIRGINIA-class cruisers with the proven anti-submarine warfare qualities of a SPRUANCE-class destroyer. The four Kidd class guided missile destroyers are similar to the Spruance class destroyers, but have greater displacement and improved combat systems. The ships are built on the same hull as the Spruance destroyers, though without the latter's extensive offensive capability.

The four destroyers of the Kidd class were originally built for the Shah of Iran, and were acquired by the US Navy following the Shah's overthrow in 1979. The US Navy acquired them in 1981 and 1982 after they were canceled by the succeeding Iranian government. For this reason they are often referred to as the "Ayatollah class".

On 01 December 1998 the Department of Defense announced that the Government of Greece had requested a possible combined lease/sale arrangement of four KIDD Class Guided Missile Destroyers and related munition items and services relating to "hot ship" turnover of one KIDD Class destroyer, "cold ship" transfer reactivations for three KIDD Class destroyers from the US Navy.

Built for action in the Persian Gulf, these ships are oriented for general purpose operations rather than specialized anti-submarine war.These ships feature advanced air-intake and filtration systems in order to handle dust and sand prevailing in Persian Gulf operating area as well as greater air-conditioning capacity. With the ability to fire surface-to-air missiles in support of Aegis cruisers, which, if necessary, can assume control of the destroyer's missiles. The guided-missile destroyers are outfitted with air-defense radar that allows them to command a wide ocean area. They can also support amphibious landing forces.

KIDD-class armaments include the New Threat Upgrade (NTU) anti-air warfare (AAW) system to improve their anti-air warfare performance against the technologically advanced threat expected into the 21st century, as well as two Mk 26 launchers for Standard surface-to-air missiles, and SQS-53B hull mounted active sonar, ASROC,  the class also had a  AN/SQQ-17 Sonabouy system also. The forward missle room held 22 SM2 long range Harpoon surface-to-surface missiles, and the aft carried 44. Two five-inch guns and hangar facilities for one Lamps Mk 1 helicopter.

The most formidable warship of her size ever to patrol the world's oceans, blending the best features of the SPRUANCE Class destroyers with the combat system of the VIRGINIA Class nuclear cruisers to produce a ship with unique characteristics:


Name Number Builder Homeport Ordered Commissioned Decommissioned
Kidd DDG 993 Ingalls   23 Mar 1978 27 Mar 1981 12 Mar 1998
Callaghan DDG 994 Ingalls Everett 23 Mar 1978 29 Aug 1981 31 Mar 1998
Scott DDG 995 Ingalls Mayport 23 Mar 1978 24 Oct 1981 11 Dec 1998
Chandler DDG 996 Ingalls Everett 23 Mar 1978 13 Mar 1982 1999

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