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KM Admiral Graff Spee 1/350 scale

Great new model great detail?

The Admiral Graf Spee Pocket Battleship is one of the most famous German warships of WWII.
This terror of the seas sank 9 allied Merchant ships in WWII, and after massive damage by British warships
on December 13, 1939 at The Battle of The River Plate in Argentina, the ships final day afloat was December 17, 1939.

In traditional Academy fashion, this 100% new tooling model will entice and satisfy the most fastidious ship modeler.
This 1/350 scale kit with its 21” hull features a fully reproduced superstructure, with finely detailed railings and weaponry.
Best of all,  Academy designed this kit to be built “full Hull” or “waterline” style.

List price 49.95  Kit# GB514 - 21" long - our price $49.95


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