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Forest Sherman Class Ship Models
(Post WWII to Vietnam)
the ship below

the model above

This is a high detail resin ship model. There are decals for all the
ships of this class in the kit.  If you have
never built a resin kit you'll need this book below. 
14" long

Kit#DC003 $149.95


The Forrest Sherman Class Destroyer was the last of the standard destroyers to be built by the US Navy after World War II.
Designed during the late 1940's and built during the 1950's they had the most modern weapons and crew conveniences available at the time,
including air conditioning throughout the ship and more living space for the men than in earlier destroyers.

The Forrest Sherman Class as Constructed

Length: 	418'5"
Beam:   	45'2"
Displacement: 	2,780 tons
Machinery: 	Four-1200 lb. Boilers; 
		two steam turbines; two shafts
Performance:	33 kts.  
Bunkerage:	?  
Range:		4,500 miles at 20 knots.          
Guns:		(3)  5" 54 cal  Mk-42; (2) twin 3" 50 cal
Torpedoes:	(6) 21" MK 32 ASW; (2) Hedgehog; 
		(1) depth charge release rack
Complement:	22 Officers; 313 enlisted

The class was extensively modified during the 1960's and early 1970's.
They served until the early 1980's when the last was decommissioned.

Ships by Hull Number

Alphabetical Listing

  1. DD 931 Forrest Sherman
  2. DD 932 John Paul Jones Shipmate
  3. DD 933 Barry
  4. DD 936 Decatur
  5. DD 937 Davis
  6. DD 938 Jonas Ingram
  7. DD 940 Manley
  8. DD 941 Du Pont
  9. DD 942 Bigelow
  10. DD 943 Blandy
  11. DD 944 Mullinnix
  12. DD 945 Hull
  13. DD 946 Edson
  14. DD 947 Somers
  15. DD 948 Morton
  16. DD 949 Parsons
  17. DD 950 Richard S. Edwards
  18. DD 951 Turner Joy