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S.M.S Dresden & Emden  1/350  BOTH
WWI Imperial German Cruiser

MSRP 39.95 Kit# AS21 - $33.95 FOR TWO MODELS

The history of the small German cruiser "Emden" is that of a ship with a short but illustrious career, that fought against the mightiest fleet in the world.
Unexpectedly this is also a story in which chivalry, audacity and romance played their part.
The keel of the Emden was laid in April 1906 at the imperial shipyards in Danzig, she was launched in May 1908 and went into service with the fleet in July 1909.
In September 1910 she arrived in Ching Tao (East Asia) from where she patrolled Chinese waters.
After the outbreak of World War I on 14.8.1914 she received the order to engage in commerce raiding in the Indian Ocean.
Circumvented by skilful maneuvers on the part of the enemy, she cruised in the Bay of Bengal, where she destroyed the oil storage tanks of Madras, sank many merchant ships and 2 small cruisers.
She finally made for the Cocos Islands, where she came under artillery fire from the Australian cruiser Sydney and was disabled.
Sea Captain Karl v. Müller ran the Emden onto the rocks and 116 men were taken prisoner. 134 of the crew were lost, the rest escaped.
Her successes totaled 2 cruisers destroyed, 16 steamships sunk amounting to about 71000 GRT.
All the surviving crew members would later be allowed to bear the name "Emden".

 Detailed hull with many engraved features
 Structural details of deck
 Detailed deck superstructures
 Detailed control tower
10.5 cm and 5.2 cm guns
Lifeboats, davits
 2 masts
 3 funnels
 2 propellers
Display stand

This is a great looking model. Built with Gold Medal Photo-etch set 350-13