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USS Allen DD-66   Sampson Class

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USS ALLEN DD66 was named after 2 Lieuts. who commanded the USS ARGUS
during an engagement with the HMS PELICAN in the Revolution.  Ships "Captain", Lieut. Allen died in England, and his 2nd in command, also a Lieut Allen, took command of the ARGUS. Outcome of the battle is unknown. Except that the other Lieut. Allen was killed during Pirate interdiction, when boarding a pirate ship in the early 1800s.

USS ALLEN was commissioned January 24, 1917 and assigned to the ATl.Fleet and served
as escort during WWI. She also served around the Wash. DC area.
DE-commissioned and then re-commissioned she was sent to COMPACFLT
and was berthed in the East Loch during the attack on Pearl. She along with most of the other ships in the Destroyer "Net" in the East Loch survived the attack, as the Japanese did not pay too much attention to that Loch. She stayed in Hawaiian waters, performing patrolling duties (picket lines) and was decommissioned in 1945.
Unfortunately she was scraped in Philadelphia in 1946.

The USS Allen  was awarded 1 battle star for action at Pearl.

Information Provided By:
Ray A. Allen, Sr.

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