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USS Albany Cruiser Model Ship

These Ships can be built from this kit 23" long DC029.  $325.95

For a Great article to build the kit goto:

CG-10 USS Albany

CG-11 USS Chicago

CG-12 USS Columbus



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Albany Class Guided-Missile Cruisers


BSQ-- Bethlehem Steel, Quincy
PNY-- Philadelphia Navy Yard

CA-123/CG.10 Albany BSQ May.29/44 Jun.39/45 Jun.15/46 DECOM Feb.1/59 for conversion
reclassified CG.10 Nov.1/58
converted Feb.1/59 to Mar.11/62
RECOM Mar.11/62
DECOM Feb.1/67 for modernization
modernized Feb.1/67 to Jun./69
RECOM Nov.9/68
refit ./73 as Flagship
DECOM Aug.29/80
stricken Jun.30/85
sold for scrap Aug.12/90
CA-136/CG.11 Chicago PNY Jul.28/43 Aug.20/44 Jan.10/45 DECOM Jun.6/47 for conversion
reclassified CG.11 Nov.1/58
converted Jul.1/59 to Dec.1/63
RECOM May.2/64

DECOM Mar.1/80
stricken Jan.31/84
sold for scrap Oct.24/91
CA-74/CG.12 Columbus BSQ Jun.28/43 Nov.30/44 Jun.8/45 DECOM May.8/59 for conversion
reclassified CG.12 Sep.30/59
converted May./59 to Dec./62
RECOM Dec.1/62

DECOM Jan.31/75
stricken Aug.9/76
sold for scrap Nov.1/77

2 other ships were to have been converted
CA.124 Rochester would have become CG.13 and CA-130 Bremerton would have become CG.14.
These conversions were cancelled and the numbers were skipped.


Length(O/A) 674.0'
Length(W/L) N/A
Beam 72'
Draft 31'


Full Load 18,500 tons
Standard 13,000 tons


Boilers 4 Babcock & Wilcox
Turbines 4 GE steam turbines
Horsepower 120,000
Range N/A
Shafts 4
Max Speed 32.5 knts


Main Side Belt 4"- 6.08"(midship)
2.5" (ends)
Deck Armour 2.56"
Turrets(Face) 6"
Turrets(Side) 1.5"
Turrets(Back) 1.5"
Conning Tower 8"


Main Gun 9 x 8"/55 cal. (removed in conversion)
Secondary Guns 12 x 5"/38 cal (removed in conversion)
2 x 5"/38 cal added later after conversion
Heavy AA 44 x 40mm Bofors (removed in conversion)
Light AA 28 x 20mm Oerlikons (removed in conversion)
SAM 2 twin Talos w/104 missiles (added in conversion)
2 twin Tartar w/84 missiles (added in conversion)
ASuW ASROC (added in conversion)
Torpedoes 6 x 12.75" above water triple tubes


Air Search N/A
Surface Search N/A
Navigation N/A
Fire Control NTDS (added in conversion)
Sonars N/A


Helicopters 2 ASW  (added in conversion)
Fixed Wing 2
w/2 catapults aft


Usual 1,083 (59 officers) design
1100-1350 (after conversion)

For History and Pictures Click here! -Warships1

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