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USS Asheville Class Vietnam War
USS Defiance

This is a kit that has a lot of detail one of Revell's better kits.
with decals you can build any ship in the class.
 Kit# VW11 or PT120 - $Gone

Great website for this Class of ships Click here.


All Ships of the Class can be built with this kit.

Ships Name Commission Date Location
USS ASHEVILLE (PG-84) 06 August 1966 Tacoma WA
USS GALLUP (PG-85) 22 October 1966 Tacoma WA
USS CROCKETT (PG-88) 24 June 1967 Tacoma WA
USS ANTELOPE (PG-86) 04 November 1967 Tacoma WA
USS READY (PG-87) 06 January 1968 Tacoma WA
USS MARATHON (PG-89) 11 May 1968 Tacoma WA
USS CANON (PG-90) 26 July 1968 Tacoma WA
USS TACOMA (PG-92) 14 Jul 1969 Tacoma WA
USS WELCH (PG-93) 08 Sep 1969 Boston MA
USS DEFIANCE (PG-95) 24 Sep 1969 Boston MA
US SURPRISE (PG-97) 17 Oct 1969 Boston MA
USS CHEHALIS (PG-94) 08 Nov 1969 Tacoma WA
USS BEACON (PG-99) 22 Nov 1969 Boston MA
USS GREEN BAY (PG-101) 05 Dec 1969 Boston MA
USS BENICIA (PG-96) 25 Apr 1970 Tacoma WA
USS GRAND RAPIDS (PG-98) 05 Sep 1970 Tacoma WA
USS DOUGLAS (PG-100) 07 Feb 1971 Tacoma WA

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