Regulation US Ceremonial Military Swords

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Item # To buy any Ceremonial sword click the link below! Sizes Price  
SX10A Military Academy Swords 28'', 30", 32" & 34" 224.95
SX10B US Army Officer's Saber 28", 30", 32", & 34" 275.00
SX10BPR US Army Officer's 1902 Presentation Saber 30" 375.00
SX10C US Air Force Officer, NCO Sword 28", 30" Reg., 32" & 34" 275.00/245.00
SX10D US Marine Corps NCO Sword 26, 28, 30", 32", & 34" 295.00
SX10DS US Marine Corps (Spanish) NCO Sword 26, 28, 30", 32", & 34" 369.00
SX10E US Marine Officer's Mameluke Sword 28", 30", 32", & 34" 374.00
SX10ES US Marine Officer's (Spanish) Mameluke Sword 28", 30", 32", & 34" 439.00
SX10F US Navy Officer's Sword 28", 30", 32", & 34" 345.00
SX10G US Coast Guard Officer's Sword  30" only 345.00
SX10H US Navy Cutlass   31 1/2" 160.00
SX10SNCG USN CPO Gold Cutlass   31 1/2" 375.00
SX10LE US Army NCO Saber   32" 175.00 & 160.00
SX10PR US Army NCO Presentation Saber   28", 30", 32", 34" 325.00

The Windlass Manufacturing facility was established in 1943 in India to provide the British Military with edged weapons, we have never
looked back as we quest for continued excellence.  State-of-the-art processes, the finest materials and skilled craftsmen with
decades of experience are what you need when nothing but the best will do.

Our ISO certified factory is regularly inspected by independent authorities and fully DOD approved and we are the official
contractors to the US Marine Corps
.  We are proud to have executed the largest government contracts to date for knives,
swords and sabers in a timely fashion at considerable savings to various governments.

  US Ceremonial Military Swords with Over 200 years of Tradition 

Each and every sword or saber is manufactured according to exacting government specifications.  All blades are high polished
government mil spec stainless steel, detailed and appropriately etched according to regulation.  The finely fitted scabbards feature
the best materials and are equal to the saber in every way.  Complete your needs with leather dress frogs and belts available
directly from our factory as well.

Windlass is the largest manufacture
of Military swords in the world.

Sword manufacture for the  United States,
USMC, Navy, USCG, Army, Air Force

A percentage of the revenue from the sales of Windlass USMC
fully approved and officially licensed products are used to support
and enhance morale, welfare and recreation programs for Marines
and their Families world wide. All of our NCO & Officers swords,
Letter Openers, Wall Plaques and other USMC items are Licensed.

Swords and Scabbards