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S-100 Schnellboot 1/350 scale

Bronco Schnellboot over 3" long Great Detail.
PT125 --  $Gone

1/350 German S-100 Class Schnellboot

NEW TOOLING! The Schnellboot or S-boot ("fast craft") was a type of German torpedo boat
that saw service during World War II. They were approximately twice as large as their American and
British counterparts, were better suited for the open sea, and had a substantially longer range,
at approximately 700 nautical miles. They carried two 20mm guns amidships and a 37mm gun aft. Kit
consists of 26 plastic parts on 2 sprues plus 32 photo-etched parts and markings for 3 variants of the Kriegsmarine.
Display stand and name plate included.

* * * * * * * * *
Due to the absolute superiority of the Allied materiel at sea and in the air, from 1944 onwards warfare at sea became ever more difficult. The areas patrolled by the high-speed motor torpedo boats, the English Channel and also the Baltic, were subject to ever more frequent air attacks by a numerically superior enemy who specifically hunted high-speed torpedo boats. Consequently the efforts of the crews were primarily concentrated on higher fire power and speed as well as more effective air defense, that was considerably improved by the feared four-barreled Flak C38 anti-aircraft gun. At the beginning of the war the Friedrich Lürssen/Vegesack shipyards developed this fast, type of seaworthy torpedo boat that maintained its performance even in heavy seas, had brilliant maneuverability and continued to be built until the end of the war without major modifications. These torpedo boats, also known as S-Boote, generally proved their worth on escort and protection duties, minefield reconnaissance patrols and above all in combating surface units and enemy submarines. They operated chiefly off the Dutch and French coasts, the English coast and the Channel and also the North Sea and the Baltic and were also used in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The final version was the Type S-100 that was produced after 1943 and can be regarded as the best high-speed torpedo boat of its period.