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Hand Carved Mahogany Wood US Navy Warships
Precise 1/700 scale model of US Navy Warships in HAND CARVED MAHOGANY WOOD,
with hand cast resin and photo-etched brass parts. This highly collectible full-hull display model ship has
an approximate retail value of $800, but we are making it available
FACTORY DIRECT for a whole lot less!
With a 20-inch base it makes for a very handy and easy model to display. Amazingly detailed  hand cast 1/700 scale
US Navy aircraft such as the F-14 Tomcat and the F-18 Hornet for you to position according to your pleasure.
We also have some of the most famous warships of WWII made with the same attention to detail.


One of the very detailed Aircraft Carriers and Glass show case.

Click the pic Ship's Name 1/700 scale Price Order Here
USS Ronald Reagan
CVN-76  19"

USS John C. Stennis
CVN-74  19"

USS Abraham Lincoln
CVN-72  19"

USS Carl Vinson
CVN-70  19"

USS Nimitz
CVN-68  19"

USS John Kennedy
CV-67  18"
Call 1st

USS America
CV-66  18"
Call 1st

USS Enterprise
CVN-65  18"
Call 1st

USS Constellation
CV- 64  18"
Call 1st

USS Kitty Hawk
CV-63  18"
Call 1st

USS Ranger
CV-61  18"
Call 1st

USS Forrestal
CV-59  18"
Call 1st

USS Midway
CV-41  18"
Call 1st

USS Midway Vietnam Era
CVA-41  18"
Call 1st

USS Tarawa
LHA-1  14"
Call 1st

USS Saipan
LHA-2  14"
Call 1st

USS Wasp
LHD-1  14"
Call 1st

USS Iwo Jima
LHD-1  14"
Call 1st

USS Philippine Sea
CG-58  10"
Call 1st
USS Cole
DDG- 67  9"
Call 1st
USS Chung-Hoon
DDG- 93  9" FLTII
Call 1st
USS Blue Ridge
LCC -19  11"
Call 1st
USS Mount Whitney
LCC -20  11"
Call 1st
USNS Mercy
T-AH-19   16"
Call 1st
USNS Comfort
T-AH-20   16"
Call 1st
USS Arizona
BB-39  10"
Call 1st
USS New Jersey Modern
BB-62  15"
Call 1st
USS Hornet CV-8
Doolittle Raid  15"
Call 1st
USS Enterprise
CV-6  15"
Call 1st

To see the detail click the pictures below.

USS New Jersey USS Tarawa
USS Nimitz USS Midway
USS Philippine Sea USS Chung Hoon
USS Blue Ridge USNS Comfort
USS JFK Fantail