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The Jolly Roger 

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Jolly Roger great kit from Lindberg
kit# SS115  $29.95

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While the precise origin of the pirate flag is unknown, its ancestry can be
traced with some certainty. They were used to intimidate the enemy or
victim, and the flag was designed to conjure up fear and dread. It was an
important part of the pirate armoury, and was the pirate's best form of
psychological warfare, especially when combined with a preceding reputation
of not showing any quarter if opposed. If a pirate could intimidate an enemy
to heave-to without offering resistance, then danger to the pirate crew
would be eliminated, and the victim's ship could be taken undamaged, thus
maintaining its value. Threatening images on the flag were often associated
with a known pirate (and hence his reputation), or could conjure up more
specific warnings. For example, Bartholomew Roberts bore a grudge against
the island colonies of Barbados and Martinique, so in their waters he used a
flag showing a pirate figure (presumably Roberts himself) standing on two
skulls. Under one were the letters 'ABH' (standing for 'A Barbadian's
Head'), and under the other was 'AMH' (for 'A Martiniquan's Head'). The
threat was clear and sailors from those colonies would expect no mercy if
they offered any resistance

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