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Embroidered Navy Ball Caps for your Ship!
Any US Navy , Coast Guard Warship, or Aircraft 
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6 Panel 85/15 Acrylic/Wool Blend
At present our hats have a Snapback Closure
Your Ship Name, Hull# and Silhouette!

We Only Do Navy Colored Ball Caps
and sometimes the hat maybe
different than the last time you ordered.


We can embroider any US "Ship" or "Warbird" hat.
WWII,  Korea, Vietnam or Persian Gulf Era time frames.
All ships of today or yesterday!

$27.50 for your direct embroidered hat.

All Ship & Aircraft designs
 will be the embroiderers rendition of the ship
not an architect's blue print.

The "Service Years our reference only"
 is so we know what
the ship looked like at the time of service.
The date will not be printed on items!
USS Enterprise CVN-65 is a post refit style.

My Embroiderer can not put things on the back or the side of the hat. He just makes a Damn Good Looking Hat


$7.00 Shipping will be added to the total for a hat!

Before you buy realize it takes 4 weeks to get your Custom Navy Ball Cap!!!!


Attention Shipmates
Very Important Message these hats are custom made for you.
We don't have 3,500 hats laying around collecting dust.
It usually takes 3 - 4 WEEKS

Now we have t-shirts

CDR/CAPT Hat & eggs = $33.50
1 row Scrambled eggs
9201.jpg (3696 bytes)

Admiral Hat & eggs =  $33.50
2 rows Scrambled eggs 

9202.jpg (5490 bytes)


"Submarine Ball Caps"
(G) Gold Dolphins "Officer's Hat"
(S) Silver Dolphins "Enlisted Hat"



For all Marines that Served

For all Ships they Served On


 Our customer Bob D. wanted a hat to represent his service
 in the Navy so we made custom hats for him and his friends .
 What can we make for you?

 Even Tom Clancy knows you look good in a military ball cap!

Personalized US Navy Fun Caps
Click the picture for information!

Yep we make Navy Ball Caps in other colors
for everybody, even like theirs!

Submarine Silhouette

Submarine Dolphins


Be a  Great American
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President George W. Bush

Dear Friends,
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What our customers say!

Captain,  Beautiful! Wonderful! Professional! Being worn with great pride! Best ball cap I have ever owned!
All of those most definitely apply and are a direct tribute to the extraordinary extra time and effort
to get the cap done in such a truly terrific manner and to "resurrect it" and get it to me when it went
missing. Greatly, greatly appreciated. I know for all the extra effort involved there must be some
additional billing. PLEASE (no argument) let me know and it will be remitted immediately.
Again thank you for a most exceptionally fine job.  With warmest regards,  Jack
Just received the navy ball cap ordered, embroidered, USS Missouri, for my dad not only are we grateful for the super fast service, but the quality is fabulous.  Well done!  It came this morning (in time for Fathers' Day!), and we gave it to dad at lunch.  He was really touched to receive it, and for the first time he opened up to share some of his Navy memories from aboard ship. Just wanted you to know it was a pleasure to do business with you, and we hope to do business with you again in the future.  God bless you.    Jeffrey D
I received the USS Clytie hat today & it looks great!  We are very happy with it & am glad that you put the silhouette on it that closely matches the submarine tender.  I'm sure my dad will love it for his birthday.   Thanks again!!!  Sue

  Military VA Loan Award