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 Model Ships $10.00 or $5.00



FUJ- IJN Natori Light Cruiser FUJ- IJN Akizuki Navy Destroyer
Mariner Models -Volvo Ocean Race TAM- SSGN Kursk Submarine
TAM - IJN Kiso Light Cruiser TAM- IJN Tama Light Cruiser
HAS- IJN Hasguro Heavy Cruiser TAM- IJN Ayanami Navy Destroyer
SKY - IJN Destroyer Hatsushimo SKY - IJN Navy Ship Weapons box - "E7"
HAS0111- SBD-2 VB-2 USS Lexington AIR - Golden Hind 1/500 Scale
HAS0102- SBD-2 VMSB-241 Battle of Midway 1942 SKY- B29 Superfortress VS. Mitsubishi J2M/ Nakajima J1N 1/700 Scale
HAS0112- SBD-3 VS-5 USS Yorktown Battle of Coral Sea 1942  

  Any kit $10.00 in this column.
Write the name of the kit in the box!

  Any kit $5.00 in this column.
Write the name of the kit in the box!