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95' Cape Class USCGC Patrol Boat

PT112 - $22.95


The US Coast Guard Cape-Class patrol boats were 95-foot steel hull boats with aluminum superstructures. They were unnamed until 1964, when they acquired names of US capes of land. Originally designed for anti-submarine warfare, all 35 boats in this class were built at the USCG Yard in Curtis Bay, MD. There were three sub-classes of 95-footers. The A class was outfitted primarily for ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare). The B class was fitted more for SAR (Search and Rescue) with the addition of scramble nets, a towing bit, and a large searchlight. The C class vessels were constructed with a deck house aft of the bridge. 16 boats were overhauled as part of a renovation program began in the mid-late 1970s. The 95-footers were replaced by the 110-foot Island-Class patrol boats beginning in the late 1980s. Many of the 95-footers were transferred to nations of the Caribbean and South America after they were decommissioned out of Coast Guard service.

95300 Cape Small 17-Jul-53 To Marshall Islands 1987 as Ionmeto 2; sold 1992
95301 Cape Coral 21-Sep-53 Decommissioned 1987; fate unknown
95302 Cape Higgon 14-Oct-53 To Uruguay 1990 as Colonia; active
95303 Cape Upright 2-Jul-53 To Bahamas 1989 as David Tucker; struck
95304 Cape Gull 8-Jun-53 Scuttled 1989
95305 Cape Hatteras 28-Jul-53 To Mexico 1991 as Cabo Catoche; active
95306 Cape George 10-Aug-53 To Palau 1990
95307 Cape Current 24-Aug-53 To Bahamas 1989 as Austin Smith, struck
95308 Cape Strait 10-Sep-53 Sunk 09-Sept-93 off the New Jersey Coast; Cape May Artificial Reef
95309 Cape Carter 7-Dec-53 To Mexico 1990 as Cabo Corrientes; active
95310 Cape Wash 15-Dec-53 To US Navy 1987
95311 Cape Hedge 21-Dec-53 To Mexico 1990 as Cabo Corzo; active
95312 Cape Knox 13-Jun-55 Decommissioned 1989
95313 Cape Morgan 5-Jul-55 To Bahamas 1989 as Fort Fincastle; struck 1999
95314 Cape Fairweather 18-Jul-55 Decommissioned 1985
95315 La Crete a Pierrot 1-Aug-55 To Haiti 1956; disposition unknown
95316 Cape Fox 22-Aug-55 To Bahamas 1989 as San Salvador II; struck 1999
95317 Cape Jellison 7-Sep-55 Sea Scout Ship 145 SSS Challenger
95318 Cape Newagen 26-Sep-55 To Mexico 1982; disposition unknown
95319 Cape Romain 11-Oct-55 Sea Scout Ship 51 SSS Intrepid
95320 Cape Starr 15-Aug-56 Decommissioned 1987
95321 Cape Cross 20-Aug-58 To Micronesia 1990 as Paluwlap (FSM 03); active
95322 Cape Horn 3-Sep-58 To Uruguay 1990 as Rio Negro; active
95323 Cape Darby 3-Oct-58 To South Korea 1969 as PB 11; struck 1984
95324 Cape Shoalwater 9-Dec-58 To Bahamas 1989 as Fenrick Stirrup, struck
95325 Cape Florida 28-Oct-58 To South Korea 1968 as PB 7; struck 1971
95326 Cape Corwin 14-Nov-58 To Micronesia 1990 as Constitution (FSM 04); active
95327 Cape Porpoise 21-Nov-58 To South Korea 1968 as PB 8; struck 1984
95328 Cape Henlopen 5-Dec-58 To Costa Rica 1989 as Astronauta Franklin Chang (SP 951), active
95329 Cape Kiwanda 28-Apr-59 To South Korea 1969 as PB 12; struck 1984
95330 Cape Falcon 12-May-59 To South Korea 1968 as PB 9; struck 1984
95331 Cape Trinity 26-May-59 To South Korea 1968 as PB 10; struck 1984
95332 Cape York 9-Jun-59 To Bahamas 1989 as Edward Williams, struck
95333 Cape Rosier 23-Jun-59 To South Korea 1968 as PB 3; struck 1984
95334 Cape Sable 7-Jul-59 To South Korea 1968 as PB 5; struck 1984
95335 Cape Providence 21-Jul-59 To South Korea 1968 as PB 6; struck 1984

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