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Type VIIC Class Submarine Models

U-201 Type VIIC with 2 conning towers, gun mounts and markings for 6 other U-Boats.
Kit# S508 1/144 scale Gone

The U-Boot type VII-C is the best known German submarine from World War II. It was built in large numbers and upgraded several times. This type represents the ultimate high point of the submarine era. Equipped with four bow and one stern torpedo the VII-C was a fearsome weapon. The task assigned to the German submarines was trade warfare. They were designed to disrupt England's supply lines and innumerable sunken ships bear witness to that. The "Grey Wolves" of the Atlantic made war on escort convoys and hunted in packs. Accustomed to success, however, the period from 1943 was devastating for the German submarines: the hunters became the hunted. New search equipment tracked the German submarines mercilessly and turned them into steel coffins for innumerable German submarine crews. The type VII-C submarine illustrates the rise and fall of German submarine warfare.

- New mould
- 2 optional conning tower variants
- Can be built with or without net saw
- Finely detailed hull showing rivets and welds
- Imitation flood valves
- Authentic deck details
- Detailed propellers and rudder
- Periscope can be extended and retracted in various positions
- Detailed conning tower and bridge
- Detailed top side wall of conning tower with antennae, compass and hatch
-2nd version of conning tower showing hydraulic antennae
- Detailed 20 mm AA gun on mount and 88 mm cannon
- Display stands with different U-Boot numbers
- Specific decals for 6 various versions

Model details
Scale 1:144
No. of parts 89
Skill Level 3

Submarine Details
Type description German U-Boat of WW II
Year/Period 1939-1944
Engine capacity 2.800 hp
Engine 2 diesel engines
Speed 17.6 knots kn
Length 67.1 m
Depth/Draft minimum depth 100 meters

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