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USS Oakland or San Diego (Atlanta Class)
Premium Edition Kit *

Kit's # DC104  $GONE  Super Detailed
Free Photo-etching. This ship kit it 10" long.

* This kit is our first ship model in our new Premium Edition Kit series.
This kit combines some items from previous titles and adds new technology and
new parts such as improved cannons and guns, and photo-etched parts for extra refinement.

Main Features:
- new arrangement of bridge structure
- updated radar for USS San Diego
- improved 120mm cannons
- updated 20mm single mount guns
- updated 40mm Bofors quad mount cannons
- new 1.1" machine cannons by photo-etched part
- photo-etched racks for depth charges
- deck railings rendered by photo-etched parts
- new life rafts (2 types)
- new Cartograf decals

About this new series: What are Dragon Premium Edition Kits?
Premium Edition kits strike an optimum balance between technology and value for the money,
often with the reuse and revival of existing Dragon Models. New technology is added to
create new molds and more accurate parts, and these elements are combined to produce
 a greatly improved kit. Premium Edition kits are complete in every sense and offer modelers
a chance to extend their fleet of model ships.


About the U.S.S. San Diego (CL-53):

The second USS San Diego (CL-53) was an Atlanta-class light cruiser of the United States Navy, commissioned just after the US entry into World War II, and active throughout the Pacific theater.

After shakedown training in Chesapeake Bay, San Diego sailed via the Panama Canal to the west coast, arriving at her namesake city on 16 May 1942. Escorting Saratoga (CV-3) at best speed, San Diego barely missed the Battle of Midway. On 15 June, she began escort duty for Hornet (CV-8) in operations in the South Pacific. Early in August, she supported the first American offensive of the war, the invasion of the Solomons at Guadalcanal. With powerful air and naval forces, the Japanese fiercely contested the American thrust and inflicted heavy damage; San Diego witnessed the sinking of Wasp (CV-7) on 15 September and of Hornet on 26 October.

San Diego gave antiaircraft protection for Enterprise (CV-6) as part of the decisive three-day Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, 12 to 15 November 1942. After several months of service in the dangerous waters surrounding the Solomon Islands, San Diego sailed via Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides, to Auckland New Zealand, for replenishment.

She was decommissioned and placed in the Pacific Reserve Fleet on 4 November 1946, berthed at Bremerton, Washington. She was redesignated CLAA-53 on 18 March 1949. Ten years later, she was struck from the Naval Vessel Register, on 1 March 1959.

San Diego received 15 battle stars for service in World War II.

No. Name                               Comm. Notes (: Lost)                                        
CL-51 Atlanta decals inside box 24 Dec 1941 13 Nov 1942; torpedo & gunfire at
Battle of Guadalcanal
CL-97 Flint 31 Aug 1944  
CL-121 Fresno 1946  
CL-52 Juneau decals inside box 14 Feb 1942 13 Nov 1942; torpedo at Battle of Guadalcanal
CL-119 Juneau 1946  
CL-95 Oakland 17 Jul 1943  
CL-96 Reno 28 Dec 1943  
CL-53 San Diego 10 Jan 1942  decals inside box
CL-54 San Juan 28 Feb 1942  decals inside box
CL-120 Spokane 1946  
CL-98 Tucson 3 Feb 1945  

Essential Skills Scale Modeling

Were you a teenager the last time
you built a model?

A step-by-step introduction to scale modeling basics.
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What kinds of models are there? What kinds of tools
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How do I put a model together?
How are the decals applied?
Finally, Kalmbach offers answers to
all these beginner questions and more.

This new book is filled with more pictures
and how to articles than their other book.

List $21.95  Our Price BK01 19.95

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