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USS Baltimore CA-68

#DC127 -  27.95   -  12" Long

The Baltimore was the 1st of the 13,600 ton heavy cruisers. This kit will contain 264 parts on 14 sprues,
plus lower and upper hulls, decks, waterline plate and display stand. You can build your ship either
as a waterline or full hull ship. Markings for 1944 MS21. Completed kit is about 12" long.
This kit is for the ships of the class that have "two" cranes on the fantail!

Displacement: 13,600 tons
Length: 673'5"
Beam: 70'10"
Draft: 26'10"
Speed: 33 knots
Armament: 9 8"/55, 12 5"/38 DP, 12x4 40mm, 28-28 20mm, 4 planes
Complement: 1648-1969
Geared turbine engines with 4 screws, 120,000 hp
Max cruising radius: 4,800 miles at 25 knots; 7,900 miles @ 15 knots


No. Name                               Comm.

Which kit do I need to
build my ship? 

CA-123 Albany 1946 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-68 Baltimore 15 Apr 1943 USS Baltimore Kit
CA-69 Boston 30 Jun 1943 USS Baltimore Kit
CA-130 Bremerton 20 Apr 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-70 Canberra 14 Oct 1943 USS Baltimore Kit
CA-136 Chicago 10 Jan 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-74 Columbus 8 Jun 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-131 Fall River 1 Jul 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-75 Helena 4 Sep 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-135 Los Angeles 22 Jul 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-132 Macon 26 Aug 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-122 Oregon City 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-72 Pittsburgh 10 Oct 1944 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-71 Quincy 15 Dec 1943 USS Baltimore Kit
CA-124 Rochester 1946 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-73 St. Paul 17 Feb 1945 USS Pittsburgh Kit
CA-133 Toledo 1946 USS Pittsburgh Kit

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