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USS Long Beach CGN-9
Nuclear Powered Cruiser

Commissioned in 1961, the USS Long Beach was the world's first nuclear powered cruiser. The monolithic superstructure atop her otherwise graceful
721' cruiser hull makes it impossible to confuse Long Beach with any other ship. She symbolizes a time when nuclear power was in its ascendance.
Along with Bainbridge and Enterprise, she became part of the first nuclear powered fleet.

Vital Statistics
USS Long Beach
Nuclear Powered Guided Missile Cruiser
Built: Bethlehem Steel, Quincy, MA
Launched: 7/14/59  Commissioned: 9/8/61
Displacement: 16,602 tons  Length: 721'  Width: 73'  Draft: 26'
Armament (carried at various times during her career):
1 ASROC, 1 twin Talos (52 missiles), 2 twin Terrier (120 missiles)
two 5 inch 38 calibre guns, six 12.75 inch torpedo tubes
8 Harpoon, 2 Phalanx, 2 Tomahawk
Complement: 80 officers, 1,000 enlisted

Kit # DC046B   $39.95


New tooling!!

USS Long Beach (CGN 9) is a unique ship, principally because it was the only vessel in her class. And what US Navy class was she in?
The Long Beach was a nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser commissioned on 9 September 1961. It also had the distinction of being the USA’s first all-new cruiser design since WWII,
and since then have generally been based simply on up-scaled destroyer hulls, her crew aptly described her as “The Only Real Cruiser.”
USS Long Beach had a pair of 5-inch 38-calibre guns mounted amidships,
and at the time of her decommissioning in July 1994, the upgraded cruiser had two Standard Missile launchers,
two Tomahawk cruise missile launchers, two Phalanx CIWS and Harpoon missile launchers.
The cruiser’s service was concentrated in the Atlantic Fleet from 1961-66, before transferring to the Californian coast.
It saw combat in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam War, and also endured long enough to provide support during the 1991 Gulf War.

USS Long Beach, this unique naval vessel, served for 33 years before settling into its current resting place in Puget Sound, Washington.

Cyber Hobby has produced a superb 1/700 scale kit of this nuclear-powered cruiser. The market has proved exceptionally responsive to Cyber Hobby’s line of 1/700 warships,
owing to their high quality and unique subject matter when compared to other products available on the market. Item No. 7091 will be no exception. It is a fine model,
and except for the two mid-ship gun turrets, the ship is a completely new tooling. Parts are cleverly engineered to fit together accurately and without fuss, plus the detail held
by the plastic is exemplary. The original USS Long Beach was a one-of-a-kind ship,
and this 1/700 model of it is equally special. Modelers can now add this novel nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser, a “real cruiser”, to their collections!


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