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USS Newport Class

Built by master builder Dave Becker.   Kit#AX139 - 20" long
This kit include tanks and other vehicles to fit your model out
Add decals and make any of these fine ships listed below!
This is a resin kit $279.95 you'll need the book below to build this kit!



USlst1191_Racine_strbrd.jpg (53490 bytes)

Tank Landing Ships - LST

Updated: Dec. 8, 2000

Description: Tank landing ships (LST) are used to transport and land tanks, amphibious vehicles and other rolling stock in amphibious assault.

Features: Ships of this class were the first to depart from the bow-door design that characterized the workhorses of World War II. The hull form necessary to attain the 20-knot speeds of contemporary amphibious squadrons would not permit bow doors. Accordingly, these ships offload cargo and vehicles by means of a 112-foot ramp over their bow. A stern gate allows off-loading of amphibious vehicles directly into the water. As of the date of this page, there is only one ship of this 20-ship class of LSTs remaining in the fleet. It, USS Frederick, is assigned to the Naval Reserve Force. USS La Moure County (LST 1194) went aground off Chile. She was decommissioned and stricken from the Navy List on 17 November 2000.

Point of Contact:
Public Affairs Office
Naval Sea Systems Command
Washington, D.C. 20362

General Characteristics, Newport class

Builders: National Steel and Shipbuilding
Power plant: Six diesels, two shafts, 16,000 brake horsepower
Length: 522 feet (156.6 meters)
Beam: 69 feet (20.7 meters)
Displacement: 8,450 tons (8,585.61 metric tons) full load
Speed: 20 knots (23 miles, 36.8 km, per hour)

Name LD LCH COM Status
LST 1179 Newport Nov.1/66 Feb.3/68 Jun.7/69 DECOM Sept..30/92
in reserve Portsmouth
LST 1180 Manitowoc Feb.27/67 Jan.4/69 Jan.24/70 DECOM Jun.30/93
sold to Taiwan Jul.10/96
renamed LST 232 Chung Ho
LST 1181 Sumter Nov.14/67 Dec.13/69 Jun.20/70 DECOM Sep.30/93
sold to Taiwan Mar.11/97
renamed LST 233 Chung Ping
LST 1182 Fresno Dec.16/67 Sep.28/68 Nov.22/69 DECOM Apr.8/93
in reserve Pearl Harbor
may be transferred to Israel
LST 1183 Peoria Feb.24/68 Nov.23/68 Feb.21/70 DECOM Jan.28/94
in reserve Pearl Harbor
LST 1184 Frederick Apr.13/68 Mar.8/69 Apr.11/70 Sold to Mexico, 22 November 2002,
renamed Usumacinta (A-412)
LST 1185 Schenectady Aug.2/68 May.24/69 Jun.13/70 DECOM Dec.15/93
in reserve Pearl Harbor
LST 1186 Cayuga Sep.28/68 Jul.12/69 Aug.8/70 DECOM Aug.26/94
leased to Brazil Aug.26/94
re-leased Nov.30/96
LST 1187 Tuscaloosa Nov.23/68 Sep.6/69 Oct.24/70 DECOM Feb.18/94
in reserve Pearl Harbor
LST 1188 Saginaw May.24/69 Feb.7/70 Jan.23/71 DECOM Jun.28/94
sold to Australia Aug.24/94
renamed Kanimba
LST 1189 San Bernardino Jul.12/69 Mar.28/70 Mar.27/71 DECOM Sep.30/95
leased to Chile Sep.30/95
renamed Valdivia
re-leased Jul.1/97
LST 1190 Boulder Sep.6/69 Apr.22/70 Jun.4/71 DECOM Feb.28/94
in reserve Portsmouth
LST 1191 Racine Dec.13/69 Aug.15/70 Jul.9/71 DECOM Oct.2/93
in reserve Pearl Harbor
LST 1192 Spartanburg County Feb.7/70 Nov.7/70 Sep.1/71 DECOM Dec.16/94
sold to Malaysia Dec.16/94
renamed ??
LST 1193 Fairfax County Mar.28/70 Dec.19/70 Oct.16/71 DECOM Aug.17/94
sold to Australia Sep.27/94
renamed Manoora
LST 1194 La Moure County May.22/70 Feb.13/71 Dec.18/71 Naval Reserve Fleet
homeport Little Creek,VA
Amphibious Group 2
DECOM Nov.17/2000
LST 1195 Barbour County Aug.15/70 May.15/71 Feb.12/72 DECOM Mar.30/92
in reserve Norfolk,VA
LST 1196 Harlan County Nov.7/70 Jul.24/71 Apr.8/72 DECOM Apr.14/95
sold to Spain Apr.14/95
renamed Pizarro
LST 1197 Barnstable County Dec.19/70 Oct.2/71 May.27/72 DECOM Jul.29/94
leased to Spain Aug.22/94
renamed Hernan Cortez
LST 1198 Bristol County Feb.13/71 Dec.4/71 Aug.5/72 DECOM Jul.29/94
sold to Morocco  Aug.16/94
BDC Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah

At present the only active ship of the class.

USS Frederick (LST 1184); Pearl Harbor, HI
Crew: 13 officers, 244 enlisted
Armament: One 20 mm Phalanx CIWS mount; two 25 mm MK 38 machine guns
Date Deployed: June 7, 1969 (USS Newport)

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