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USS Cushing DD-985

YES! Decals and photoetching included for all VLS ships of the class.
Kit# DC014-  $Gone - About 19" long.

Decals for all the ships in the Class.

NEW more detailed Tooling:
- newly tooled RAM on stern deck
- newly tooled Radar
- all new parts for Phalanx CIWS
- new superstructure incorporating the modifications for the Phalanx CIWS

More great features:
- newly designed photo-etched parts that include railings
- new Cartograf decals


Essential Skills Scale Modeling

Were you a teenager the last time
you built a model?

A step-by-step introduction to scale modeling basics.
Beginning scale modelers are full of questions:
What kinds of models are there? What kinds of tools
do I need? What glue works best?
How do I put a model together?
How are the decals applied?
Finally, Kalmbach offers answers to
all these beginner questions and more.

This new book is filled with more pictures
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List $21.95  Our Price BK01 19.95

The United States Navy

Destroyers - DD

Updated: April 1, 2000

Description: These fast warships help safeguard larger ships in a fleet or battle group.

Features: Destroyers and guided missile destroyers operate in support of carrier battle groups, surface action groups, amphibious groups and replenishment groups. Destroyers primarily perform anti-submarine warfare duty while guided missile destroyers are multi-mission (ASW, anti-air and anti-surface warfare) surface combatants. The addition of the Mk-41 Vertical Launch System or Tomahawk Armored Box Launchers (ABLs) to many Spruance-class destroyers has greatly expanded the role of the destroyer in strike warfare.

Background: Technological advances have improved the capability of modern destroyers culminating in the Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) class. Named for the Navy's most famous destroyer squadron combat commander and three-time Chief of Naval Operations, the Arleigh Burke was commissioned July 4, 1991 and was the most powerful surface combatant ever put to sea. Like the larger Ticonderoga class cruisers, DDG 51's combat systems center around the Aegis combat system and the SPY-lD, multi-function phased array radar. The combination of Aegis, the Vertical Launching System, an advanced anti-submarine warfare system, advanced anti-aircraft missiles and Tomahawk ASM/LAM, the Burke class continues the revolution at sea.

Designed for survivability, DDG 51 incorporates all-steel construction and many damage control features resulting from lessons learned during the Falkland Islands War and from the accidental attack on USS Stark. Like most modern U.S. surface combatants, DDG 51 utilizes gas turbine propulsion. These ships replaced the older Charles F. Adams and Farragut-class guided missile destroyers.

The Spruance class destroyers, the first large U.S. Navy warships to employ gas turbine engines as their main propulsion system, are undergoing extensive modernizing. The upgrade program includes addition of vertical launchers for advanced missiles on 24 ships of this class, in addition to an advanced ASW system and upgrading of its helicopter capability. Spruance class destroyers are expected to remain a major part of the Navy's surface combatant force into the 21st century.

Point of Contact:
Public Affairs Office
Naval Sea Systems Command (OOD)
Washington, DC 20362

General Characteristics, Spruance class

Builder: Ingalls Shipbuilding
Power plant: Four General Electric LM 2500 gas turbines, two shafts, 80,000 shaft horsepower
Length: 563 feet (171.6 meters)
Beam: 55 feet (16.8 meters)
Displacement: 9,100 tons (9,246.04 metric tons) full load
Speed: in excess of 30 knots
Aircraft: Two SH-60 Seahawk LAMPS III helicopters
USS Spruance (DD 963), Mayport, Fla.
USS Paul F. Foster (DD 964), Everett, Wash.
USS Kinkaid (DD 965), San Diego, Calif.
USS Hewitt (DD 966), Yokosuka, Japan
USS Elliot (DD 967), San Diego, Calif.
USS Arthur W. Radford (DD 968), Norfolk, Va.
USS Peterson (DD 969), Norfolk, Va.
USS Caron (DD 970), Norfolk, Va.
USS David R. Ray (DD 971), Everett, Wash.
USS Oldendorf (DD 972), San Diego, Calif.
USS John Young (DD 973), San Diego, Calif.
USS Comte de Grasse (DD 974), Decommissioned
USS O'Brien (DD 975), Yokosuka, Japan
USS Merrill (DD 976), Decommissioned - to build this ship get the Ingersoll DD-990 kit.
USS Briscoe (DD 977), Norfolk, Va.
USS Stump (DD 978), Norfolk, Va.
USS Conolly (DD 979), Decommissioned
USS Moosbrugger (DD 980), Mayport, Fla.
USS John Hancock (DD 981), Mayport, Va.
USS Nicholson (DD 982), Mayport, Fla.
USS John Rodgers (DD-983), Decommissioned
USS Leftwich (DD-984), Decommissioned
USS Cushing (DD 985), Pearl Harbor, HI
USS O'Bannon (DD 987), Mayport, Fla.
USS Thorn (DD 988), Norfolk, Va.
USS Deyo (DD 989), Norfolk, Va.
USS Ingersoll (DD 990) non VLS
USS Fife (DD 991), Everett, Wa.
USS Fletcher (DD 992), Pearl Harbor, Hi.
USS Hayler (DD 997), Norfolk, Va.
Crew: 30 officers, 352 enlisted
Armament: 8 Harpoon (from 2 quad launchers), Tomahawk ASM/LAM, VLS or ABL; ASROC; six Mk-46 torpedoes (from 2 triple tube mounts); two 5"/54 caliber Mk-45 (lightweight gun); two 20mm Phalanx CIWS
Kidd class only: Standard missiles; NATO Sea Sparrow point defense AAW missiles
Date Deployed:
Sept. 20, 1975 (USS Spruance)

VLS Equipped Ships buy kit#DC010

DD.963 Spruance Nov.17/72 Nov.10/73 Sep.20/75
DD.964 Paul F. Foster Feb.6/73 Feb.23/74 Feb.21/76
DD.965 Kinkaid Apr.19/73 May.25/74 Jul.10/76
DD.966 Hewitt Jul.23/73 Aug.24/74 Sep.25/76
DD.967 Elliot Oct.15/73 Dec.19/74 Jan.22/76
DD.968 Arthur W. Radford Jan.14/74 Mar.1/75 Apr.16/77
DD.969 Peterson Apr.29/74 Jun.21/75 Jul.9/77
DD.970 Caron Jul.1/74 Jun.24/75 Oct.1/77
DD.971 David R. Ray Sep.23/74 Aug.24/74 Nov.19/77
DD.972 Oldendorf Dec.27/74 Oct.21/75 Mar.4/78
DD.973 John Young Feb.17/75 Feb.7/76 May.20/78
DD.975 O'Brien May.9/75 Jul.8/76 Dec.3/77
DD.977 Briscoe Jul.21/75 Dec.15/76 Jun.3/78
DD.978 Stump Aug.25/75 Jan.29/77 Aug.19/78
DD.981 John Hancock Jan.16/76 Oct.29/77 Mar.1/79
DD.982 Nicholson Feb.20/76 Nov.11/77 May.12/79
DD.985 Cushing Dec.27/76 Jun.17/78 Sep.21/79
DD.987 O'Bannon Feb.21/77 Sep.25/78 Dec.15/79
DD.988 Thorn Aug.29/77 Nov.14/78 Feb.16/80
DD.989 Deyo Oct.14/77 Jan.27/79 Mar.22/80
DD.991 Fife Mar.6/78 May.1/79 May.31/80
DD.992 Fletcher Apr.24/78 Jun.16/79 Jul.12/80
DD.997 Hayler Oct.20/80 Mar.27/82 Mar.5/83

dd980.gif (106151 bytes)

Non-VLS Equipped Ships buy kit #DC017 & decals.
To build this configuration click the picture for more info.

DD.974 Comte De Grasse Apr.4/75 Mar.26/75 Aug.5/78
DD.976 Merrill Jun.16/75 Sep.1/76 Mar.11/78
DD.979 Conolly Sep.29/75 Feb.19/77 Oct.14/78
DD.980 Moosbrugger Nov.3/75 Jul23/77 Dec.16/78
DD.983 John Rodgers Aug.12/76 Feb.25/78 Jul.14/79
DD.984 Leftwich Nov.12/76 Apr.8/78 Aug.25/79
DD.986 Harry W. Hill Jan.3/77 Aug.10/78 Nov.17/79
DD.990 Ingersoll Dec.5/77 Mar.10/79 Apr.12/80

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