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USS California Class Ship Models
Nuclear Powered Cruisers

The USS California and the USS South Carolina
can be built from this great Kit!
#DC050 - $269.00

CGN 36 California Class

The mission of CALIFORNIA-class nuclear-powered guided missile cruisers is to operate offensively in the presence of air, surface, and subsurface threats. These actions may be performed independently or in support of sealift convoys, high-speed aircraft carrier task forces, or amphibious task forces. The nuclear-powered engineering plant allows the cruiser to conduct operations over extended periods of time anywhere in the world. To accomplish its mission, these ships are equipped with the latest technology and equipment including the New Threat Upgrade modernization. With a fully integrated combat system, it has the capabilities to quickly detect modern threat platforms, perform high-speed data processing and employ powerful weaponry.

To aid in accomplishing their assigned tasks, these ships are equiped with an extensive array of weapons and sensors. Weapons include the SM-2 surface to air missile, Harpoon surface to surface missile, two five inch guns and the 20mm Close In Weapon System (CIWS). Sensors include a 3D air search radar, 2D air search radar, an array of surface search radars and fire control radar systems. They are also equiped with passive electronic surveillance and jamming systems unequaled by any other cruiser in the Navy. These weapons and sensors give them the ability to attack and defend against targets that are over 70 nautical miles away while being able to protect themselfs from close range attacks. Two nuclear reactors provide all the energy required for the propulsion plant and electric generators. The two propulsion plants deliver 70,000 shaft horsepower, allowing sustained speeds in excess of 30 knots (nautical miles per hour) all over the world.

On the 04 September 1998 USS South Carolina completed her service to the active fleet of The United States Navy. Beginning the final Deactivation process, on 04 November 1998, the ship entered Drydock 4 at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. As of 01 October 1998 CGN-36 California was in commission in Reserve (Stand Down) at Bremerton WA at the start of the inactivation cycle.

Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.
Keel Laid: January 23, 1970 Launched: September 22, 1971
Commissioned: February 16, 1974 Length: 596 FEET
Beam: 61 FEET Draft: 31.5 FEET
Displacement: 10530 tons (full load) Crew: 28 Officers and 512 Enlisted Men
TWO (2)-D2G pressurized,
water-cooled reactors
TWO (2)-geared steam turbines
TWO (2)-shafts @ 60,000shp each
TOP SPEED of 30+ knots
TWO (2)-TARTAR "D" guided missile batteries
TWO (2)-5"54 caliber light weight guns
One (1)-anti-submarine rocket (ASROC) launcher
-anti-submarine torpedo tubes.
Equipped with AN/SQS-26CX long range sonar
USS CALFORNIA (DLGN-36), is the first of a new class of nuclear-powered guided missile frigates constructed at Newport News, Virginia. She is also the first ship named under the new policy of assigning names of states of the union to major nuclear-powered surface combatants.
She is a fast, highly maneuverable destroyer, whose mission is to operate as an element of a fast carrier task force, or independently to detect and destroy any threats by hostile forces.
CALIFORNIA's twin reactors give the ship essentially unlimited endurance, she can sustain high speeds for long periods of time and is capable of conducting extended extended operations in combat areas far from supply bases.
Although designed, built, and commissioned as a Guided Missile Frigate (DLGN), International Standards condsidered her to be TOO large and TOO well armed to be part of the Destroyer Class. Therefore, on June 30, 1975, she was re-classified as a Guided Missile Cruiser (CGN).

Ship Diagrams:

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Weapons Systems and Radars

The previous information from:Federation of American Scientists; Military Analysis Network

Status of the California Class Nuclear Powered Cruisers

USS California CGN-36 16 February 1974 9 July 1999
USS South Carolina CGN-37 25 January 1975 30 July 1999

All parts are included in the kit to complete the ship with radars, asroc & weapons, etc.



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