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USS Andrew Jackson
Lafayette Class Nuclear Submarines

This is the Classic Revell kit of the 60's & 70's. Build the inside of a Nuclear Submarine.
This is a limited run so it won't be here forever. This kit contains over 200 parts plus
the hull has hinges so that you build it as a open or closed hull model.
  Kit# S124  $Gone  - 19" long.


The Lafayette-class of boats is very similiar to the later Benjamin Franklin-class of submarines, the main difference being that the Franklin-class has quieter machinery. All of these ships have diesel-electric standby machinery, snorts, and "out-board" auxiliary propellers for emergency use. These ships have been fazed out with the expanding fleet of Ohio-class.

Length- 425 ft.  Beam- 33 ft.  Draft- 31 ft 6 in

Displacement- 6,650 tons light surfaced, 7,250 tons standard surfaced, 8,250 tons dived

SLBMs- 16 tubes for Poseidon C-3 missiles

Torpedoes- 4 21-inch Mk 65 torpedo tubes for Mk 48 torpedoes

Reactors- 1 pressurized-water cooled S5W Westinghouse reactor

Machinery- 2 geared turbines, 1 shaft, 15,000 shp

Speed- 20 kts surfaced, 30 kts dived

Complement- 14 officers, 126 enlisted men

These are the other ships of the Class.